Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Three Year Old Girl

So, I know I'm terrible and didn't post on Roxanne's birthday. She turned 3 on December 19! We had a Hello Kitty party for her at our house. Our house is so tiny, and people get kind of crammed in, but December birthdays make it tough to plan parties. That time of year, everyone is either getting sick, getting over being sick, or in a brief window of wellness. So it goes. Roxanne had lots and lots of fun having her cousins and friends over for her party, and got completely flooded with wonderful gifts (that I need to write thank you notes for...). She asked for a giant cupcake cake, so I bought a Wilton cupcake cake pan and did my best. :) I'm definitely an amateur. She was happy with it though. She gets a little overwhelmed at these kinds of things, so she gets kind of zombied out and sometimes fussy. But this year she was pretty much fine. We were actually able to get her to nap a little bit before the party started, but we ended up having to wake her up as the first guests started to arrive. Not ideal, but she pulled through. I had taken her to Old Navy the day before to pick out a special birthday outfit, so she got a Hello Kitty shirt with a cupcake theme, and some stripey tights. She has a pink skirt with tulle edging that is one of the few things she will wear that's a non-dress. She loves loves loves tights. Somehow they are highly preferable to leggings. Leggings apparently do not make her a "girl." So she insists on peeling them off as soon as we get inside our house (or work).

Christmas Morning!