Sunday, February 19, 2012

Six Month Check-up

So Nadine turned 6 months on February 7, but she just had her check-up last week. She's doing great! She's over 18 pounds now, but she's still 75th percentile for weight and 80th for height. It's hard to believe that she's not higher, since Roxanne was always over 90th, and Nadine seems equally huge. Comparatively, Nadine is just a little peanut. She's continuing to baby talk, and says "blah bah," "ma ma" and some other sounds pretty often. She is giggling more and more now, too. Her favorite things to giggle at are always completely unexpected and random, like a poster for diabetes at the Publix Pharmacy yesterday... She has a quirky sense of humor already! She sits up really well and loves sitting on the floor and playing with toys. Her favorite toys include her Sofie giraffe teething toy (easily the best teether I've ever seen, and I highly recommend) and a Melissa and Doug wooden caterpillar. She also likes plastic rings, and enjoys waving them around her head. She absolutely loves Roxanne, and even when she's fussy, Roxanne can get her to smile. Nadine loves grabbing her hair and yanking it, but Roxanne is very sweet about it. They are such nice little sisters at this point. Here's hoping they stay that way! Justin has incorporated Nadine into their storytime most nights, and Roxanne is very giving about it and always seems to pick at least one "baby story" that she thinks Nadine will like. For her part, Nadine seems to really love story time. Hopefully we'll have two readers!