Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not old enough for a sleeping bag

Last Friday night, we were invited to spend the night in Ariel and Luke's lovely new guest bedroom. We decided it would be fun, and we could actually stay up later than 8 or 8:30 while at a friend's house. The bad part happened when I realized that I had left Roxanne's pack and play at Josh's house. In an effort to pretend like I didn't make a really big mistake, I was all "it's fine! We'll just bring her owl sleeping bag and she can sleep on the floor!" Yeah. She didn't fall asleep for good until 11:30 pm. And that was in the "big bed." I woke up at some time in the very early morning in the bed with Roxanne and looked down to see Justin crammed into that teensy pink sleeping back, zippered to his knees, and shivering a little. Please don't tell him I told you that. But it was very endearing, and says a lot about Justin's daddy sacrifices. The lesson learned is that probably even with the pack and play (which she can now climb out of) we might need to wait a little longer before we move onto slumber parties. But on the flip side, I feel like she needs to learn to be a little less sensitive to change. She's so incredibly routine oriented, which is great, but sometimes I think she needs to have a little bit of change to help her learn to be adaptable. We'll see...

We're still trying to get back on track with potty training. But basically, Roxanne was completely potty trained for like 2 weeks. And then something happened and she basically decided that she didn't want to be anymore. Now we're sort of a mixed bag. When the mood strikes her, she uses the potty. Other times, she insists on a pull up. I'm too worn out to push it, and since she is officially the only kid in diapers at work, I'm inclined to relax a little. I still put her on the potty frequently, but if she really throws a fit, I try to let it go. I don't want to give her potty trauma... I'm sure we'll get it figured out soon.

Also, I STILL haven't heard from GSU yet about my grad school application. I'm going a little nuts... Let's hope that for now, no news is good news?

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