Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photo Post!

Pink poodle costume from Nana! So cute!
She folded herself up into her easel box. Cozy.
I love the ears. :)
Don't you love the pink sheen?
She loves this outfit. She kept acting like a puppy. Adorable.
Look at the tail!
I think her posing here makes her look really old. She's really getting hammy.
The cousins. Roxanne adores them.
She's in heaven. :)
She picked out this headband from Baby Gap. She's been asking me to get her a flower for her hair, but I totally didn't think she'd actually wear one. I figured it was just a by-product of Kai Lan and Hello Kitty. But I couldn't resist this one. :)
She is not a fan of dirty hands...
Oh, right! She got a haircut last weekend with Miss Lisa. Justin took her without me, and I'm so sad I missed it. He said she loved every second of it. He told her we wanted to try and grow it out, but that it wouldn't work in the bob shape. This is adorable.
Roxanne and BooBoo. A one-sided love affair. :)
She's a patient kitty.
Again with the dirty hands...
The flower is felt. So cute!
On a mission...
Here's the fake smile. She calls it her "happy face." Haha.
She loves Hello Kitty right now. Scratch that, she's OBSESSED with Hello Kitty right now. I got her this necklace at Urban Outfitters, and she loves it.

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Jim said...

Adriane, I love this pictures. Roxanne has the most expressive face--and that pink poodle costume is the best.