Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Roxanne-isms

I am kind of overwhelmed lately with house, school, job, etc. etc. Sorry. But I'm absolutely loving school, and Justin has been great keeping Roxanne for me while I go to class. The two of them are so cute together. In that vein, I wanted to share some of my favorite things that they do. :)

*Justin is in charge of Roxanne's bed time. Always. Every once in a while, I take over, but I know it's not the same for her. Justin does this very specific sequence of things with her every night, and she loves it. They start out with the nightgown, then with a potty trip, followed by tooth brushing (she has a Hello Kitty toothbrush these days; she is smitten), face and hand washing. She has to have a dollop of lotion after she washes her hands. As some of you know, this is a Justin things. I let my hands crack and bleed before I put lotion on them, but Justin uses it EVERY time he washes his hands. They are smooth like baby skin. Roxanne is now incapable of getting to bed without her lotion. After that part, she comes and tells me goodnight, and gives me a kiss. Sometimes that includes discreetly wiping any excess lotion off onto me. Or onto whatever surface I'm sitting on or near. Sigh. After this, they read stories, usually two, although Roxanne lately has been angling for more. Then they go to her globe on her dresser, and point out different places. I think sometimes they spin it, but she always asks to see Georgia, Colorado, and Mexico (the last one I'm not sure why she is so interested in). She also asks for Italy a lot, in part because of a Wonder Pets book she has that takes place there. She can point to all of them on the globe on her own and name them most of the time. It's so cute. After that, they turn on her nightlight and radio (she listens to classical music on her sound machine all night) and then she turns out the light. Once Justin tucks her in, she gives him a kiss. If it's not somehow quite right, she makes him give her another one, leaning up and going "mmmmmmm!!!!" Most nights, that is all. But some nights, like tonight, she gets back up, opens her door and makes an elaborate excuse as to why she can't sleep. Tonight she told us, "I laid in my bed, and my arm was asleep and in my bed my poo poo hurt and then I needed to poo poo in the potty but I need to sleep in the big bed." Sigh.

In other news, she is more and more interested in going to "school." Ben and Locke both started, and now she asks about it. We plan to look into it for next year. In the mean time, my new schedule means we have Mondays and Fridays until noon to hang out with just the two of us. This morning, we ran some errands, and went to see the animals at the pet shop. They had TONS of kittens. I wanted to put them all in the car and take them home. Roxanne parrots me when we leave: "Bye bye kittens! I hope you all find a nice home!"

I'm off again to do some school work. Nathaniel Hawthorne and William Carlos Williams. But not at the same time...

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