Saturday, October 9, 2010


In honor of fall, we went to the Smith Plantation Fall Festival this morning. My mom came and met us there, and we all had a lot of fun. We were also picking up a chair my mom found at a yard sale, but that's for the house blog...
Here's what's new in Roxanne-land:
*Although she will wear pants with some nudging (or threatening...), she is extremely partial to dresses. I have NO idea where this is all coming from, but it's insanely pervasive. She's been wearing this pink corduroy dress/overalls thing a lot since we can slip it on over whatever for inclement weather, and every time I put it on her, she says "I'm a girl now!" Sigh. I always correct her, and tell her she's always a girl, and that she looks beautiful all the time, in pants or dresses, etc. and she will nod, but apparently I'm not getting all the way through. Yipes.
*Her obsession with Hello Kitty is going way strong. She has a ton of Hello Kitty stuff since I'm a sucker and pick up little things here and there as I see them (and because I feel a little sorry for her that her birthday and Christmas are mashed together). She has started insisting on wearing "paws," which means when we are at home, she wants to have socks on her hands and on her feet. She meows, sits on the floor, and licks her arms, telling us that she's a little kitty. Sometimes she's a "sad kitty," but usually just a kitty.
*She is really excited about her birthday. We talked about it a little recently because she's had some friends/family members have birthdays and when we go to pick out gifts, she keeps asking where her presents are. So we told her her birthday is in December, and that she can have any kind of party she wants. So of course, she wants a Hello Kitty party with "Hello Kitty cake, and Hello Kitty presents, and Hello Kitty decorations." She tells us, "My birthday is tomorrow, in December, and I'll have a Hello Kitty party." We used to correct her and tell her December is a long ways away, but now we mostly just nod...We're pretty sure she has no idea what "tomorrow" really means at this point. So we're probably safe.

Enjoy the photos! Most are from the festival today. :)
At Fickle Pickle for lunch. Roswell has their scarecrows set up. Roxanne was in awe of this one. I think it was called "Pickle Modern."
She really wanted to pick this pumpkin out. But she decided it was probably too heavy. Whatever works...
Here's her favorite dress I mentioned above. She's cramming rocks and acorns into the pocket. And these are her new winter boots! We've been looking for some for a while, and these were her favorite. They are brown with a layer of glitter on top. She really likes them.
Nana and Roxanne with her pumpkin!
When she wants to, she has LASER FOCUS.
The finished product!
Getting her face painted... She was unsure about this, insisting it would hurt, but the woman was so sweet and showed her it felt like tickling. So she sat very very still and actually seemed to enjoy it.
Is this not the cutest cow ever???
Roxanne kept calling it a giant doggy. I heard several kids ask "Is that real?"
Petting a giant bunny!
I seriously think her favorite animal was this rooster. When she tried to stick her fingers in, Justin told her it might peck her, and for the rest of the day, she's been saying "I wanted to touch that rooster, but it was going to bite my fingers."
A little miniature horse. So cute.
You can't see it very well, but this was a super cute donkey. Teensy, too.
A baby pig!
Her masterpiece! Justin drew the flower on the left, but the people on the right were all her. One is me, but I'm not sure who the other one is. The green one has very very long arms. Neat!
Nana got Roxanne this raincoat, and when we tried it on her last night, she insisted on wearing it until bed time. With the hood on...

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