Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Bumblebee Update

So here's my belly tonight. And my exhausted face after a day of work and a night of class... I am 29 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. I seriously thought I was 30, but after double checking in a half-hearted way, I guess it's actually 29... I have NO idea how I lost track of such an obvious thing, but I do remember that happening with Roxanne sometimes, too. I haven't been as good this time around about taking weekly photos (close to it though) or posting on the blog, so I have less occasion to "announce" or record things. I can say with certainty that I'm now on the every 2 weeks schedule for midwife visits. Once I'm 36 weeks, it will be weekly. Ugh. I had my last appointment last Friday, and my next one will be next Friday. Last week I had my second gestational diabetes screen, and I found out today that I passed! I'm very relieved, since it looked like I might not based on my borderline results from the first test. I also talked to the midwife about my due date and the shoulder dystocia/giant baby concerns. She told me that they would not let me go past 39 weeks, so I will either be induced or have a C-section by then. They will have me do a late ultrasound probably around 36 weeks to check on the size of the baby, and that will dictate a lot of the decisions about delivery. I'm sincerely hoping the baby looks to be a smaller size than Roxanne, and based on the fact that I've been measuring "on track" for where I am in the pregnancy, I think maybe I have room to hope...? I feel pretty sure that with Roxanne I was always measuring ahead. I've also gained about 5 pounds to date this pregnancy, although the weight gain has picked up and I'm having more trouble keeping it off. Partly because I'm starting to have some swelling, especially at the end of the day... But I swear I had cankles with Roxanne way before this point, so that has to be a good sign... The baby's heartrate was in the 140's, so not great for pin-pointing a gender, but again somewhere in the middle. Sneaky! I have to admit, in my mind, the baby is a girl. It just seems more likely. I'd be perfectly happy to eat those words, though! We'd be happy with either. I'm just hoping for a healthy baby. I'm still so relieved we've gotten this far. We feel very lucky. :)

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