Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Apologies in advance for the blurry photos...

Yes, our camera is on the fritz again, so we've been using an iPod Touch to take pictures. Unless you are outside in bright light, they come out pretty fuzzy. I'm going to try and keep working on the old camera. No funds for a new one at the moment, so please don't get dizzy from looking at these blurry pictures! It's the best we can do for now. :)
Here's Nadine modeling one of her fancy BumGenius cloth diapers! We are so lucky that we were given enough to cloth diaper. I still use disposables sometimes for overnight or when we go out, but we're moving towards full-time use of them. They really are wonderful, and we can't thank our generous family and friends enough for helping us get set up with 12 of them. I might pick up some more here and there, but 12 is a great number to start with. They are on the smallest setting now, and fit her wonderfully. And lots of room to grow! They are supposed to fit until 35 pounds. Which should definitely be potty-training weight. Yay!
Here's a fuzzy close-up from the same diaper photo shoot tonight. Her eyes are the prettiest purpley/blue/gray right now. I know they will change soon, but I wanted to try and catch them in their newborn shade. And I know there is no cover on our changing pad. Awful, but she spits up a LOT and loves to pee on the changing pad during diaper changes. I gave up on trying to keep a cover on it for now.
Here's Roxanne feeding a parakeet at the zoo this morning. I took her and Nadine and we had a lovely time. This is our last week before Roxanne starts pre-school next week!
And here's Nadine enjoying the zoo from inside the sling... What a muffin.
Here's Justin reading to his girls this week. He reads to Roxanne every night, but Nadine only sits in once or twice a week. Roxanne loves it when all four of us sit together for story time. Of course, then we have to sit on the couch or her bed. We don't all pile up in that rocker.
It really almost looks like Nadine is listening...
One of Roxanne's favorite things to do during the morning/day with me and her and Nadine at home is read to the baby. Here she is reading Owl Babies, one of her favorites as a baby. Of course, she's not actually "reading." Just making up words that actually are close to the real ones. She sometimes gets absorbed in the books and forgets to say anything out loud. Then Nadine gets bored and fusses.
Here they are both being camera hams.
Here's Roxanne and I playing in the Chattahoochee on Sunday. We went to a park in Norcross with river access. It was gorgeous. Roxanne had a dress on, but since we had a spare in the car, we let her get soaked. Her favorite part was digging in the "sand" on one area of the shoreline. It was mostly dirt. Red dirt. Ew.
Justin was on baby duty. We've tried to be creative about taking the girls places that are fun and get her out of the house but don't expose Nadine to lots of germs (ie: no jumpy places!).
Here's Roxanne all dressed up for her pre-school playdate last week! School starts next Wednesday, but the room moms organized a playdate at a park near the pre-school. She got to meet some of her classmates and we met her lead teacher. Her teacher is really really sweet. She nannies in the afternoons, so we talked a bit about that. Roxanne played a little with some of the kids (especially Ben, who will be in her class) but she also loves swinging. I noticed two other kids in her class who wanted to just stay on the swings. Their moms kept urging them to go play with the other kids, which I did, too, but I finally just left it alone. She wasn't being shy or anything, she just really likes swinging. :)
Here she is at the playground, playing in the dirt. Sigh. She was burying treasure apparently. A little boy came over and started digging with her, and the two of them had a really elaborate conversation about buried treasure and whether or not to mark the spot with an X. She really is a social little thing, she just doesn't seem to feel the need to have someone play with her all the time. I think she'll like pre-school though. Oh, and she'll be going 5 mornings a week from 9-12. She'll do yoga and Spanish and music on rotating days. Fun!
And here's one last Nadine photo. This was probably the middle of the night during one of her peaceful but wakeful periods. We're working on getting nights and days straight. In the meantime, there's coffee for mama and the basement bedroom for daddy. Thank goodness for that.

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Barbara Layton said...

Love all the pictures. What two beautiful girls!!!! You two are the best parents!!!