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Nadine Patricia's Birth Story

Fair warning! I'm going to post baby Nadine's birth story before I forget it. Don't worry, I won't be too graphic or anything. But I have to say that everything went so wonderfully that I want to be sure and write it down. Obviously, my birth with Roxanne was also wonderful and amazing because it resulted in our wonderful and amazing daughter, but in terms of the details, it was difficult and painful and scary. Nadine's birth was kind of a walk in the park in comparison! So apologies in advance for a long and rambling post. And I'm sure some of you might think this is way too much personal information to share, so I apologize for that, too.

For the whole week before Nadine's birth (my 37th week of pregnancy) I was feeling lots of contractions and just generally had the idea that things were moving along nicely. The week before, I had been checked (at 36 weeks) and was already 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, so I was really thinking I'd go early. But, a whole week later, Friday the 5th, my midwife checked me and reported that I was still 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. I have to admit that I was disappointed. But I tried not to worry about it since I was supposed to work on Monday. I kept thinking that maybe I'd go into labor on Monday or Tuesday and that would be perfect. On the flip side, I felt really sure that the baby had dropped, which seemed weird to me since I read about fifty times that your second baby drops only once active labor has started. On Friday night, I felt fairly sure that I saw my mucus plug, (sorry, gross detail) but not positive. On Saturday the 6th, I felt a funny feeling, and continued having contractions irregularly throughout the day. I was really emotional (ie: cranky and annoyed at everything) and felt this need to get some things done. I washed all of Nadine's cloth diapers, ran some shopping errands with Roxanne, etc. Thank goodness I took a long afternoon nap during a thunderstorm. When I woke up, we all went to Fellini's (on LaVista, where they have frozen yogurt inside...yum) and ate dinner. I was still irritable, and my appetite was really weird. I ate a salad but couldn't even finish one slice of pizza. Somehow I found room for frozen yogurt...

Back at home, I was just resting and felt exhausted, but I could not fall asleep. Justin was in the dining room working on work work, as he had been doing for most of the day. He had been "nesting" worse than me I think, bringing home work often to try and tie up loose strings before taking leave. He seemed to know even more than I did that the baby was coming soon. Anyways, sometime around 11:45pm, I was just laying down and playing on and looking at cute nursery photos. I felt a pop, and then a gush. There was absolutely no doubting that my water had broken. I yelled to Justin and told him my water had broken and asked him for some towels. I called my midwife's office, then started calling my mom to let her know we were probably headed to the hospital soon. Of course, the midwife called back while I was making other calls, and I had to wait for her to call back. She did, and I explained to her my history with Roxanne and shoulder dystocia, etc. etc. I had not met her, but she was very nice and calming on the phone. She asked me if I wanted to come to the hospital or wait at home for a while longer. Because I was nervous and felt like things might end up moving fast, I told her I wanted to come in. I guess I was also freaked out about how much water I was losing.

Justin had to finish up what he was working on before we left, so I paced around the house, which seemed to get my contractions going. Before then, they had still been irregular. After my water broke, they got to be around 15 to 20 minutes apart but got farther apart if I wasn't walking. After Justin finished, he gathered up our bags and scooped up Roxanne who was completely asleep, and we all got on the road. About ten minutes into our drive, we realized that we had forgotten shoes for Roxanne. Oops. We had her little suitcase, but no shoes. So once we got the hospital, Justin had to carry her everywhere. We waited in the triage area for a while before being brought back to a room. We settled Roxanne onto the "couch" with her pillow and blanket in our room, but of course she didn't fall asleep... Fortunately, my mom and Mike and Leah got there soon after we did, and waited with Roxanne while so we could figure out an approximate time line for when and how things would happen. I saw a nurse who came and did a few things while we waited for the midwife. Kate, the midwife (who again, I had never met before) came in and I immediately liked her a lot. She was very friendly and calming. She checked me, and I was only 3 cm dilated and about 60% effaced. She suggested I try and rest for a few hours and then she'd come back around 6am to check me again. I think by this time it was around 1:30 or 2am. I told her that was fine, and we told my mom and Mike and Leah to go ahead home with Roxanne since it would be a while. Justin settled in and tried to sleep, and I tried to relax, but my contractions were roughly 5-7 minutes apart by then and were very uncomfortable. I was still able to just breathe through them and distracted myself watching HGTV shows. I was also lucky that although I had an IV in, I wasn't hooked to anything, so I could unplug myself from the fetal monitor and blood pressure machine and move around. I was in and out of the bathroom constantly, and just generally felt really uncomfortable. I was definitely not able to rest, but I tried to at least keep quiet enough for Justin to sleep a little.

By about 4am, I was really really hurting. The contractions were much much closer together and they kept double peaking, so that I would get one, then one second later get another. I was exhausted, too. I called the nurse and asked her to send in the midwife to check me again. She came in and said that I was 6cm dilated and 90% effaced. She helped me into the glider chair in the room, which was MUCH more comfortable for my contractions, but I was really getting scared that without any rest, I would not be able to actually push when the time came. Because of my experience with Roxanne, I was just terrified that I would end up pushing for hours again. I was afraid to get an epidural because I thought it might slow things down. The midwife talked me through everything, and assured me that things were moving fast enough that a C-section was really not on the table, and that she didn't think an epidural would slow things down at all. After a particularly awful contraction, I opted to get the epidural. I think they placed it sometime around 4:30am, and I immediately fell asleep.

I woke up at 6:30am feeling a lot of pressure and discomfort. I felt like it had to be time to push, but the midwife had promised to be back at 7am, so I tried to just wait it out. I woke Justin up with my laboring, and asked him to start calling people. He was really out of it, but called people and told them he thought they might want to head to the hospital if they were coming. He didn't understand that I thought it was going to be any minute, but when he talked to my mom (who had Roxanne) I tried to make it clear that I wanted them to come ASAP. By about 7:10, my midwife still wasn't there, but I was REALLY uncomfortable. I felt the urge to push very strongly, and when the nurse came in and saw me, she said she'd get the midwife immediately. She did, and the midwife agreed that I was ready. Everyone got assembled and got things ready, and I started pushing. The midwife suggested I lay on my side, which was a million times better than laying on my back. After a few rounds of pushes, I was feeling frustrated and kept saying "I feel like I'm not doing anything!" but everyone did the usual reassuring that I was doing great. About 20 minutes into pushing, the midwife yelled, "look down! look down!" and I looked down to see Nadine being laid on my chest. They told us she was a girl, and Justin and I were both happy beyond words. She had lots of dark hair, and looked just like baby Roxanne.

The midwife told me that Nadine was bigger than she had previously thought. And the nurse who was going to weigh her guestimated that Nadine was a "hot 8." I'm kind of in love with that phrase... In the end, she was 8 pounds 12 ounces and 20.5 inches. A big girl! I'm so glad that she decided to arrive when she did, since another week or so could have ended in a very different birth situation. Everything seemed to happen exactly as it was supposed to, and we couldn't be happier with our new baby girl. We are a lucky family.

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Ah so sweet baby. I love the soft fingers a new born baby has!!!!