Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I know it's gas and/or a nice baby dream, but even involuntary smiles are cute.

Having a serious chat with Daddy. Roxanne picked this outfit out for Nadine at Target. We let her pick out two, and of course one is pink and the other is purple. She keeps asking me why Nadine doesn't have any dresses to wear. Oh, and they had newborn sized pink tutus at Target. Roxanne really really wanted to get one for Nadine, but we convinced her we should wait a little while.
Cloth diapers are WONDERFUL, but my favorite part is how they make her little booty look so big.
Story time with Daddy. Look how tiny Nadine is compared to Roxanne!
This was taken while Nadine was in the sling. It was her first trip to the park! We went for a nice long walk at Mason Mill Park. Nadine did this the entire time. :) Roxanne found lots of "nature" that she made Justin take home in his pocket. If we had a dollar for every acorn, tiny stick, rock, leaf, etc., that gets brought into this house, we could re-do our bathroom.
She's getting her chubs back. She's been nursing like a champ!
I know these are dark, but she has her longest wakeful period at night. Of course.
So many fun faces to try out!
Here's Roxanne and Daddy on our walk at Mason Mill Park. We've also been taking long walks around the neighborhood. We took our Joovy double stroller on one and it was perfect. Nadine's baby seat fits into it, and Roxanne can hop on and off whenever she wants. Poor Nadine is getting dragged around way more than Roxanne did she was a baby. We've just been trying to keep Roxanne doing at least one fun thing each day so she doesn't go nuts at home. Story time at Little Shop of Stories, lots of walks, and Justin has been taking her to the pool some. We are going to miss him when he goes back to work next week...


Susan said...

Great post. Miss you guys so much, but we're so happy you all are settling in with your expanded beautiful family!

Jim said...

I can count on one hand the number of times in my life I've been rendered speechless. I've just added this one.

Waterseal said...

Ah so adorable kids. I love all the pics dear.