Thursday, January 26, 2012


Justin is such a sweet Daddy. He puts Roxanne to bed every night, and now Nadine joins in for story time. She doesn't always make it through both stories, but she definitely loves it most of the time. Roxanne is very sweet and shares his lap without complaining. And she giggles when Nadine tries to eat the book. Which always happens.
As you can see, her eyes are still blue!
She loves grabbing her toes. She gets frustrated with these footy jammies because she can't get her toes.
These are her Alice in Wonderland jammies. So cute.
She sits up really well, but only for short amounts of time. She's staring up at Roxanne's chandelier.

She's getting so big...
Sisterly empathy. Nadine is mid-scream here.
Nadine thinks Roxanne is hilarious.
They're both such beautiful and sweet ladies.
Blurry, but I couldn't resist.
She's doing great with tummy time. But she has figured out how to roll from her tummy back to her back or side, so it's hard to keep her up without some kind of toy, etc.
I can't believe she might crawl soon... Ack!
Again, blurry, but her face when she is watching Roxanne is just wonderful.

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