Monday, August 25, 2008

The almost crawler

Roxanne is still not crawling yet. I think she's getting closer though. She has started pushing herself backwards while on her tummy, but still not forwards. She is also capable of laying on her tummy and changing her orientation like the hand on a clock. Her favorite trick is to bounce and bounce on her bottom until she is flopped forward onto her belly. The good thing is that she likes to stay on her tummy now. She plays on her belly often now. She loves playing with the other babies at work. I sort of think of her as my co-worker now. She's adjusting really well and is on a great nap schedule.

Sunday we had our family birthday party for my mom. It was held at my aunt and uncle's country club in Gainesville and then over to their new house afterwards. Roxanne had a great time with her cousins. They really are taking an interest in her now. It's pretty cute watching them all interact. At one point, Roxanne flopped forward onto her tummy and then Chloe laid down with her in the same pose. Then the other three little girls scampered over and all laid next to each other. Of course, our camera battery was dead, so we didn't get it, but my sister took photos. So I'll mooch some and put them on our Flickr page.

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