Monday, August 11, 2008

Ok, sorry

I had vowed to try and keep up with my blog better, since I am trying to keep in mind that someday Roxanne might be interested in reading this, and the more the better... So there. But I'm going through this big adjustment, and it's been really kind of tiring! But things are great. I really am enjoying my new job. I've only had two days on my own, but things have been fine. There were one or two moments where all three babies were screaming, and I kind of thought "hmm, that's pretty serious," but it just doesn't go on for very long, and that kind of stress does not compare to the stress of billing time, answering phone calls, dealing with COPIOUS emails, etc. etc. etc. I guess for now, babies make great bosses. I hope to do this for at least a few years, since it's just a great situation. Roxanne and I are both having a lot of fun. OK, she really wants to type, so I'm going to humor her:
/l b m rtdrcdrivvb b xd bbbbbbbbm707

Alright. So Roxanne is really starting to seem more interested in crawling. Yesterday she started scooting backwards a little bit, but it wasn't really crawling. I've discovered that she hates laying on her tummy, but if she falls forward from a sitting position onto her tummy, she seems kind of proud. She loves watching the other babies, and she bounces up and down and waves her arm when they crawl around her. I can just hear her saying "wait for me guys!" I'm scared that both babies will start walking around the same time as Roxanne starts crawling. That will be a sight to see...

We went to brunch at Agnes and Muriel's in Midtown yesterday, and they brought Roxanne a special bowl of bananas. She loved it! She's eating some things diced up now, since Ben does, and it's just easy. So now she is eating diced avocados and diced peaches and bananas. Everything else is still baby food. Some days she seems more interested in milk and doesn't really want anything to do with solid food but other days she is a great little eater. I took a CPR class on Saturday, so I feel a lot more comfortable with letting her eat some table food. I'm still trying to avoid processed foods, and no dairy or anything, but I need to start some bread products I think. Justin got some nectarines and a zucchini for me to make her some baby food with, but I haven't had a chance to do it yet. Sometimes I really miss the days when I was her sole food source. It was kind of a lot easier... But as we get closer and closer to toddlerdom, I am just thankful that I have this chance to see her all the time. It's amazing.

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