Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Someone please motivate me

I have got to get on the ball and send Roxanne's birthday invites. And my thank you notes from my birthday... Both are important, and both seem to be impossible for me to complete. Where is all my energy going? Roxanne has been sleeping very poorly lately. She's got a stuffy/runny nose and a weird cough at night... I think it's from Ben who also has a runny nose. The two of them have been adorable lately, as in even more adorable than usual. They are obsessed with each other. At least three times a day they are somehow sitting on each other and usually one is licking and or pretend biting the other. They like to wedge themselves into small spaces, although it often ends in frustration and fussing. The top three places are between the bed and the wall in Ben's room, between the couch and the wall in the play room, and in one square foot of space inside the tent in the play room. It's funny, since most of what I read says that babies at this age usually just "parallel play," meaning they engage in separate activities while sitting near each other, but Ben and Roxanne really do play. They love to tease each other with toys, too, where one gets one of the big favorites (this includes small plastic balls of any kind, small plastic animals of any kind, and pegs from a little tool bench) and holds it out to the other and snatches it back just before the other can grab it. And they talk a lot, too. I think it's really nice that she can play with Ben and Josh. Hopefully it will help her not be spoiled. Hopefully.

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J said...

Just wait until she's walking. She will have so much fun with them!

Hope she feels better!