Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still no camera...

Well, I still can't find our camera. I did figure out how to access my camera phone photos, so I uploaded them onto Flickr. Some of them are from Roxanne's days at Andrea's, and she is so little! My sister just sent me some gorgeous ones of Roxanne and her cousins at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens last weekend. I'll try to upload those tonight. My favorite one is above.

Roxanne has been really acting old lately. Justin and I went out for a date on Friday night, and she stayed with my friend Whitney, and didn't even need us. Whitney has two cats, Banana and Wendy (Wendy is a little kitten nick-named Wigwam) and Roxanne is in love with them. She loves animals. We recently realized that "dada" has a vast spectrum of meanings, but the main one is animals of any kind. She will hear a dog bark or a cat meow, and she says "dada." Yesterday when we left work she said "byebye" when she waved, but like a lot of her words, she says them once and then you don't hear them again for a while. But she definitely says "hi!" and "uhoh." A lot. She is getting more and more sturdy, and is pulling up on everything. She just learned how to pull up on my leg to be picked up yesterday. I'm not exactly psyched about that one, but it is cute.

Another cute thing is her "no" face. Every time I tell her no, or say "Roxanne" in a stern voice, she scrunches her face up and has an expression somewhere between fake fussing and smiling. It's extremely hard not to laugh when she does it. So that's not so good for my feeble attempts at discipline. We are going to have to figure something out though, since she's starting to be a little bit rough. She likes to knock her forehead into mine, and today she tried to bite Ben when he was trying to snatch her toy. I don't want her to be a bully!

In other news, we went to Old Navy on Sunday looking for a coat for Roxanne. We didn't find a coat, but we got her a little pink vest with a hood. It's very snug and lined with flannel. And since all of the outerwear was half off, I couldn't help but get myself one in the same color. Aaaahh! I'm that mom! Me and my baby have matching vests. I know it's kind of silly, but it's also kind of fun. We have started a new family tradition of going to the Farmer's Market every Monday night, and eating dinner in the buffet line and then shopping for our groceries afterward. Last night we wore our matching vests, and this little girl pointed to us and said to me "You guys have the same jacket!" I admit that I was pleased. A little embarrassed, but pleased. I figure if that little girl thought it was cool, then Roxanne might when she's older. Until she becomes a tween and is mortified at the thought of us having any coordinating clothes. I'll enjoy it while I can.

We're still hanging in there in our apartment, and we've gone to see a few other places, but nothing has been worth it. I mean, it would be a huge pain to move at this point, so unless it's just perfect, we're going to stay here. The good news is that our landlord hasn't asked us to sign a new lease, so we are basically month to month. And I'm still a Craigslist junkie. I think we might stick it out here until we can afford a higher monthly payment, and then try to rent a whole house somewhere in either Candler Park or downtown Decatur. Of course, by the time that happens, the real estate will probably have moved out of our league again, but we can't stay here forever. If only because the school districts are not great. We want her to go to Mary Lin Elementary, which is right next to Candler Park. It would be so nice to live close enough to walk her to school! But the City of Decatur schools are good, too. So either one. Candler Park is just really conveniently located to both of our works. Hmm, that's a lot of information for you all to hear about our housing situation. But I guess it's part of the territory! At least I didn't talk about poop or snot!


kramsell said...

Be sure to wear your matching vests the next time I see you and I'll take lots of pictures:) I actually am asking for a vest for Christmas, they are so cuddly and non-restrictive. Most toddlers seem to like them. I personally think Justin should try and get a job at Furman Univ. and then we can buy a piece of land in SC and build two little houses on it. It'll be our own little compound:)

* said...

Cutest picture ever : ). -Linnea

J said...

I love how the girls are all holding onto the holes with their fingers!

When Evie was younger, and Jesse would leave the room, I would say, "Bye bye, Dada!" So... she began to think that Dada was really Bye Bye. Oops!

Evie said "Woof Woof" to everything she thought was cool for a while, and now it just means an animal. "Dat" is now the "something cool" word.