Thursday, October 8, 2009

Longest pause ever...

Sorry guys! I need to get back on the blog ball. Seriously. I joined a gym near my parents' house (thanks in part to Mike's good influence and Justin's helpfulness in keeping Roxanne) and I really am starting to like it, but it keeps me busy. My time to write my blog has been transferred to the eliptical machine. Sigh. Anyways, there's not a whole lot of news from us. We still don't have a firm closing date, but we know that our loan is now with the DCA. I realize this means nothing to you guys, but it's good, since it means that we are only a few steps from closing. Our agent thinks it will be next week. We are never as optimistic as he is, but we would LOVE for that to happen! Once the loan leaves the DCA (which should only be a couple of days) it goes to the closing attorneys, and they should only need 24-48 hours with it before we close. So we are at the tail end. Of course, Justin and I have maintained a pretty big emotional distance with this house. This is almost exactly where we were last time when the house falls through, so we aren't going to think anything is done until it's done. We are thinking that we might even have issues at the closing table. You just never know. This has been such a complicated process!

In Roxanne news, she is really turning into a toddler. I'm going to list out some of her new fun stuff:

*About 15 minutes ago, she told me she needed to peepee in her pink potty, and much much much to my shock, she actually did! So that's pretty neat! I guess I'll get started with her now. Ben has been pretty much potty-trained for a month or so. We've already bought Roxanne some Elmo and Zoe "Big girl pants," and she really likes them. I have only let her wear them over her diaper, but she kept asking to wear Ben's "big boy pants," so I wanted her to have some of her own.

*She is really grasping the concept of counting. Don't get me wrong, she does not know how to count; but she lines things up, points at them one by one and says "eight, nine, ten" or some other sequence of numbers. She can count to ten with a grown-up counting with her, but on her own, she just says two three numbers at a time in order. She also can see pictures of numbers and start saying random numbers. Like, she has no idea what numbers are which, but if I'm on the computer working on a spreadsheet, she points to the screen and starts saying "four, five, six," etc. It's really cute.

*She has learned several new songs. She likes to sing the ABC's most often, but she also likes "You are my sunshine," and the "Yo Gabba Gabba" theme song. Thanks to Nana and Mike's DVR, she's been getting to watch some episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba, and I can't tell you how much she loves it. She gets ecstatic. She calls it "Don't bite your friends" because that was her first exposure to the show (although she saw the characters at her friend Evie's house and Evie's awesome Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party!). We would let her watch the clip of the show from their website, which was the song "Don't bite your friends." I also found a Yo Gabba Gabba boom box at Target, and she has been wearing it out. I'm almost regretting that purchase... But it has this feature where you can "spin" the songs, and it's pretty cool.

*This morning, completely out of the blue, she told me, clear as a bell, "I like your outfit mama." Wow. I have no idea where that came from. I know I tell her that every once in a while, but I guess maybe I say it more than I thought. So yeah, that's not super exciting, but she just sounded so grown up. It was so funny.

*Roxanne got her first professional photos taken last night with Ella and Chloe. She was very very good for the photographer, in spite of the fact that it was 8:00pm when we were there. This is probably in part due to the awesome photographer, who was great with kids, and the fact that she LOVES Ella and Chloe. She told me she missed them this morning. In any case, we got some really cute photos of the three girls, and I bought a few of just Roxanne. They are really cute. The only drawback is that Roxanne has a bruise on her face. I thought about paying extra to get the bruise airbrushed out, but I decided that it was appropriate to leave it. So some of you will be getting some charming photos of Roxanne for Christmas in which she has a shiner. I'm tempted to go back to the store and order some more. I only got two poses. I think there were like 5 of Roxanne. And a couple of the ones I passed on were hilarious. She looked WILD. They keep the photos for a year or so I think. Or maybe 30 days... I can't remember.

I'm still cameraless. I am almost positive that our camera charger is packed. Boo. Roxanne is going to have this weird gap in her childhood photos. Oh well.

So I leave you with some sage advice. Don't bite your friends.

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