Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mustache Mystery

So last night, Roxanne pointed at Justin's upper lip and said "mustache." He currently has a beard, which of course, includes a mustache. We were talking about all of Dada's face, like the "nose, eyes, ears, chin, cheeks," etc., and then she pointed out the mustache. Where do they learn these things? We both spent a lot of time trying to figure out how she could possibly know what that is, or where she learned that word. Toddlers are hilarious. The level of understanding Roxanne has is just a constant surprise. It's really exciting to have so much time with her.

So, I think that's it for now as far as news. We still don't have a closing date. We had a second couple of conditions issued this morning from the DCA, which is good since it means that they are working on our loan application, but annoying because we don't know how many times they will come back and ask for something. Hopefully it will be done soon. Our mortgage guy with SunTrust, Marc D'Angelo (in case anyone needs a good mortgage guy, he's pretty awesome) is on the ball, but very matter of fact. And he's not interested in giving us time-frame promises. So we aren't sure how much longer we have. But like I said, we trust Marc and feel like he will get things done the right way. So keep your fingers crossed. We've been hogging up my Mom and Mike's house for a staggering amount of time now. We are so grateful to them! We would have run up quite a bill at Extended Stay America by now. :)

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