Thursday, August 12, 2010

Music Time Video

These were both taken in Roxanne's room, in her "big girl bed." We took the side off altogether so she can get in and out. Scary, but after about a week of her getting up fifty times in the hour or two after bedtime, she has settled in nicely. It's still funny to hear her get up in the morning and open her own door and see her pad down the hall in her nightgown. She's really really into closing herself in her room, or any room for that matter. I'm not sure what the fascination is, but she apparently needs privacy these days. It made me very nervous at first, but she isn't doing anything bad with the door closed (yeah, so maybe I stand at the door with my ear jammed to it sometimes), usually reading or singing. She is still very much in love with books (yay!) and spends a lot of time reading to herself. She has some favorites that are more or less memorized, and it's fun to listen to her "read" them to herself. I think my very favorite part is that Justin always tells her the name of the author when he reads her a book so she always says the title of the book and "by [insert author name]" when she's reading to herself. So you'll hear "Skippy Jon Jones in Mummy Trouble by Judith Shachner" coming from her room, although it's a little more muddled. And adorable. We hope she'll continue to be a reader. She certainly loves it for now.

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Jim said...

The videos of Justin and Roxanne playing their guitars and singing are priceless--and made my day. Thanks so much for posting.

I think Justin reads the names of the authors as he does because that is what I did when reading to him when he was a boy. Folks made fun of me for it, but I always figured it is so hard to get a book, any book, published that the authors deserve to have their names read alound whenever someone reads their books. I even did it when reading books to Roxanne when we visited and now I know why she didn't think anything of it!