Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Photos!

We took Roxanne to Yule Farms in Stockbridge yesterday. We are all kind of sick, but doing that thing where we take medicine and feel sorry for ourselves but try to do a little bit of fun stuff anyways. We had fun at the farm. I miss going to Burt's, but this is much closer, and we got to actually go out in the patch and pick pumpkins and cut them from the vine ourselves. And there were a ton of activities for Roxanne. Most were slightly low budget, but she didn't care. Maybe we'll get to Burt's at some point, but if not, this was really fun.
She was being very bossy by this point (we were on our way out and it was nap time). She kept telling Justin not to tip the wheelbarrow up, which of course is the only way to push it...
We had to get a mommy, daddy, and baby pumpkin. We each picked out our own.
She totally loves posing for photos now... Hammy hammykins.
The pumpkin hunter!
Braving the pumpkin patch.
Is there anything cuter than miniature donkeys? Actually, Roxanne petting miniature donkeys is pretty cute...
I realize this looks totally unsafe, but seriously, the guy was watching her like a hawk. And she begged and begged to ride the horse. Isn't she a little teensy baby on there?
The funniest was when she started slipping off, she would say in a very grown up voice, "Stop the horse, please." Then he would adjust her, adjust her helmet, and start back again.
The maze. Roxanne was our leader.
The weird pirate ship play fort.

This was a rabbit village. No petting though. :(

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J said...

I don't know what you're talking about; that place looks really cool. I like how you can go into the field and pick your own. :)