Friday, February 4, 2011


So, now that she's officially 3, she might as well be 15. She's quite the conversationalist these days, although she still likes to talk about "naked booties" or Hello Kitty more than anything else. We're trying to discourage the booties thing a little because it's getting kind of out of control. Oops. Here's some new stuff:
*Since we have XM radio in our Honda, Roxanne has learned that she can ask you the name of each song that plays, as well as "What's the band name?" She asks for almost every single song. If I'm listening to NPR and a song comes on, she'll ask, "Is this just a song between the news?" because she knows I don't know the names of those songs. I wish I knew where all of that information was being stored... She loves most music, but her favorite seems to be the 1950's station.
*She plays and plays and plays with all of her tiny little animals/Hello Kitty figurines, etc. She makes them talk to each other and have elaborate story lines.
*She's definitely more into TV than she has been before, so we have to make an effort to limit it. I think that's pretty standard for lots of little ones this age. Her favorite show right now is Busytown, which is the Richard Scary cartoon. She sings the theme song all the time, and will tell me randomly, "Mama, this is a mystery!" about some situation. They solve mysteries on Busytown. She loves it.
*We are hoping to be able to get her into a pre-school program next year. Because of her birthday, she won't be able to start Pre-K until the year after next. But for fall, we're trying to get her into Ben's program. It's really expensive, but really good. She would go five mornings a week (9 to 12) and I think she would love it. She loves talking to Ben's teacher when we pick him up from school, and she went right into his classroom when we went for the tour and got right in the mix. Of course, there's only one slot open, so we have to keep our fingers crossed. And we might have to ask for a tuition break. Ugh. We looked at programs near us, which are MUCH cheaper, but logistically, I can't pick both her and Ben up if they are at pre-schools across town from each other. Especially since by next fall I'll be keeping Ben's new brother (Nate) full time, too. Well, I'll be keeping Nate full time starting in April. So we'll see...

Alright, off to work. I promise not to lapse so long between posts! School is keeping me busy!

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