Wednesday, February 23, 2011

14 Week Photo

Sorry for the weird basement bathroom photo. Justin was already asleep when I got home from school tonight, so oh well. I can't believe how big my belly is already. I still haven't gained any weight (KNOCK ON WOOD) but I'm slowly starting to feel that "second trimester honeymoon period." As in, I only have occasional bouts of nausea and my hit-by-a-train exhaustion only comes once or twice a day. It's weird, but after you have suffered pregnancy losses, you actually enjoy the ickiness. Like, I'm relieved to feel bad, since it reminds me that things are OK. I'm feeling so much less anxiety these days, too, in terms of this being a viable pregnancy, and starting to enjoy it. I go for my next appointment on March 14. Nothing too exciting I think, just lots of bloodwork and that icky glucose test that you have to drink the sugar-drink for. Because of my weight, I have to do it twice. Sigh. I can't undo my starting pregnancy weight, but I'm working hard to keep it where it is!

In the world of non-in-utero kids, Roxanne is awesome. We've started trying to talk more about letters and the alphabet and what makes what sounds, etc. At first, she could care less, and would intentionally tell you the wrong letters and giggle. But she's slowly getting more interested, and asking what letter different words start with (of her own volition). We're trying to stay laid back about it, since I think too much too soon can make little ones shut down. She really likes trying to write letters, but it takes super intense one on one instruction, and so it's not something that happens all that often.

We got all of her paperwork submitted for preschool, so she'll officially be starting in September. I'm really excited, and so is she (to the extent that she understands). But if you say anything about fall, she'll pipe up, "That's when I'm going to school." The program will be 9-12 five days a week, so I think it will be a great introduction to Pre-K. She already likes all of the teachers she's met, so I'm sure she'll love being there. I hope she meshes with the other kids, and that the experience teaches her some good social skills. Right now, she's a pretty friendly thing, but she does get her feelings hurt sometimes when other kids say "mean" things to her. I'm hoping school will help her realize that some kids are grumpy sometimes and it's best to ignore it when they say mean things. With adults, she's getting way too friendly, so we've started trying to introduce the "stranger" talk. Like the other day at Monkey Joe's, these two moms were sitting on a bench talking, and Roxanne just climbed up between them and sat. Yikes. Anyways, I don't want to scare her, just work on some ground rules. I can't believe she's so old that we have to talk about this stuff...

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