Monday, March 28, 2011

Belly progress

So here I am yesterday at 18 weeks. I'm 19 weeks today, so I just barely made it! Boo Boo is giving me moral support. I know it seems like she's just asking to go outside for the fiftieth time in an hour, but it's not. Support. I promise. I feel like my belly has been the same size for weeks. I actually even called the OB's office and asked a nurse about why my belly was actually shrinking (not in a crazy, hysterical way, just in a "please reassure me this is normal" way). Apparently when I was taking the progesterone supplement, it made my belly swollen and bigger than it really was. Hence the plateau in size... I also haven't gained any weight yet, but I totally admit that my exercise schedule is off track right now. Family, sickness, family sickness, and schoolwork are my big sources of blame. I will get back on track though. Honest. I do realize how much better I feel while working out, I just need all of the crazy 400 page a week reading assignments and constant papers to give me a break. And the strep throat. And the pink eye.

And just for fun, here's some Roxanne photos.
Here's her self-portrait. She's been loving taking pictures lately. Most are weird, fuzzy and impossible to see, but I kind of love this one with her mismatched Hello Kitty socks.
Here's her trying on a fake mustache a friend gave her for her birthday. I think this face is perfect. She's like an inspector.
She is totally working this look. I told Justin we should have a family photo shoot with fake mustaches on. I know it's trendy to have ironic mustaches, but I don't care. They are funny. And there are like 15 styles in this pack, so we could all get really good and weird ones. We're doing it!

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J said...

Belly looks great! Evie always posed and mimicked me in all my photos. It's great to have a shadow, human or feline....

I gained 40 pounds for each pregnancy. So relax....