Sunday, March 13, 2011

A few photos

Hello everyone! We've been fighting off strep throat around here the last week, ew. Finally on the mend thanks to the power of antibiotics. We've been very busy the last few weeks/weekends, so I just wanted to post a few photos from when we actually remembered to take them...
Here's Roxanne on our stoop yesterday. I had asked Justin to take my 16 week pregnancy photo and Roxanne demanded "Take my picture, too, Daddy!" and immediately popped this pose. What a diva.
We are frequent visitors of jumpy places around town, especially during the icky weather. I usually take the kids during the week, but sometimes we venture out with Daddy on the weekends, and Roxanne loves when he comes. This is a great example of what she's like at these places. A blur...
She's in the zone...
Here's Roxanne at the GSU pool. She was supposed to have her first swim lesson yesterday there, but timing was bad and her and Justin missed it. But they went swimming anyways, and she apparently had lots of fun! They can try again next week. :)
Looks pretty awesome.
She loves the pool.
Who needs a beach vacation? Indoor pools are apparently pretty perfect.
Roxanne and Daddy feeling exhausted and watching some computer TV on the couch.

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