Sunday, July 17, 2011

34/35 weeks

I had my midwife appointment last Friday. It was short, and not much news, but the nice part was that the midwife let Roxanne "help" a lot. It was very cute. She got to stand up on a stool and help with the doppler and help measure my belly. So cute! I'm still measuring large, but at the same proportion as last time, so the ultrasound results should still stand, putting the baby in the 62nd percentile for size. She didn't mention anything about another ultrasound, just that "we'll have to make an executive decision at some point" about the c-section versus not. I go back in two weeks.
I'm feeling OK. Just trying to wrap up about a billion things while also keeping my feet up as much as possible. The swelling in my feet and hands is starting to be obtrusive, in part because of the heat I think. I need to be drinking more water, but it's rough! Having to run to the bathroom every five seconds is trying enough, but when you add extra water, I might as well just stay within five feet of a restroom at ALL times. The baby's room is coming along well. I'm going to post photos on the house blog, but here's a few shots of the room, just for fun.

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