Friday, March 14, 2008

My One Day Work Week

I'm home with Roxanne again today. She threw up this morning in the car on the way to Andrea's. It's strange, because I was running really late, and I just sort of felt off somehow, and then that happened. I wonder if my "mama-sense" was sending me subliminal messages that Roxanne was not supposed to make it to day care today. In any case, I called the pediatrician, and the nurse I talked to said it was most likely just the tail end of the virus, and I should just give her Pedialyte and no breastmilk for a while. She seems to be doing fine, and hasn't gotten sick again. I've been keeping her in the bed for most of the day, so we've been having lots of singing and play time in here.

I've noticed since she started at Andrea's that Roxanne is much more laid back. She's always been fairly calm and not super fussy, but now I can leave her on her back alone in the bedroom for fairly significant periods and she just amuses herself kicking and talking and looking at the ceiling. Of course, I don't do that very often, since when we're together I'm totally obsessed with Roxanne and spend all my time with her. But still, it's nice. It was especially nice when we were both sick and we spent two days straight in bed. She was such a good baby and totally happy to play with me in the bed, and didn't demand too much walking around or anything. She has several toys that we play with in the bed, and she is really starting to like them. She is a very sweet baby. Justin and I were reading to her last night, and she really seems to like it. She stares at the pages, and has started hitting the book. She even breathes really fast and bounces a little bit like she's excited. I'm going to do my best to make her a reader. Now that she's older, I want to start reading to her every day, as opposed to a few days a week that I was doing before.

Oh, and I will be posting some new Flickr photos tonight. It's been a while!

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