Monday, March 3, 2008


It's been quite a while since I posted. We had a busy weekend. Roxanne met lots of new people. On Saturday, we went to brunch with my friend Christa, and then once we got home, my friend Nicole came over for a visit. Nicole was my officemate until she went to Australia for a while. She just got back and is starting back at Paul Hastings. I'm so happy she's back, but I can't imagine having to leave Australia. She got to travel a lot, and learned how to surf, etc. She's got a serious tan. After Nicole left, we went over to my friend/co-worker Zach's apartment. Some other friend/co-workers came over, too, and we spent the evening playing Rock Band and/or poker. Roxanne was very charming and made friends until she pooped through her clothes and had to have an exhaustive clean up session on Zach's living room floor. Zach has a cat named Clareece. She is very cute, and is the first cat that Roxanne met. They were mutually ambivalent towards each other. Clareece sniffed Roxanne a little bit, but that was about it. Conversely, Roxanne has started to take an interest in Katie. She likes to look at her with her brow all furrowed, like she's trying to figure her out. She's still not really reaching for things yet, but I'm sure when she does, Katie will be in for it.

On Sunday, we went to Nana and Mike and Leah's house to celebrate Kendree's birthday. As always, it's really fun to get our big family together and have everyone play. Anna kept wanting to hold Roxanne, and was very sweet and gentle with her. Sarah Ellen was also very cute with her, and rubbed her tummy for a little while. I got Ella and Chloe to sing songs to her, and I put short videos of it on YouTube. You can see our videos on YouTube at the "Planet Roxanne" page I set up there:

Roxanne is really doing well at Andrea's. She's now eating 12 ounces during the day, which means she is not quite so ravenous when she gets home. This evening was perfect, during which Roxanne ate for a long time while Justin cooked dinner, then after we ate, she danced with Justin to some Beatles songs while I did dishes and made her bottles for tomorrow. They were very cute together. I have been reading board books to Roxanne, and she definitely seems interested. She likes one in particular called "Owl Babies" that Nana got for her. It has very dark pages, but the owls are white, so I think maybe the contrast is easy for her to see. She likes "Runaway Bunny" also. She really likes all of them, but the hard part is that she's grunting and struggling to sit up half of the time she's in my lap, since she seems determined to sit up on her own. She also seems to have noticed her feet. When she wears her little chipmunk socks, she likes to stare at them.

As you might be able to tell, I'm exhausted, and not writing very well tonight. I'll post soon, though, and I promise to be more on my game!

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christa t said...

No, I think this is your cutest post yet because you talked about chipmunk socks, dancing to the Beatles, Roxanne AND Katie (cute explosion!!), and owl babies.