Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, after taking Roxanne to the pediatrician yesterday, they asked us to take her to Scottish Rite to get an ultrasound on her tummy to make sure that she didn't have any anatomical reason for the vomiting. We were also supposed to get blood work done, but there was some miscommunication between us and the nurse. She told us that the ultrasounds were normal (phew!) and that the doctor had said we could go home. At the time, I was violently ill, having to throw up every ten minutes or so, and Justin felt it coming. We're lucky we left when we did, because as soon as we got home, Justin got violently ill, too. We spent the rest of the evening in the most miserable state of stomach flu I've ever experienced. We both had fevers, headaches, and violent illness. Last night the pediatrician left a voice mail saying that Roxanne's ultrasounds looked great, but they were still waiting on the lab results. Oops. Apparently we shouldn't have gone home after the ultrasound. Roxanne seems to be doing much better though, even though she's still having some diarrhea. Her mood is pretty good, and she's having plenty of wet diapers, which is a good indicator that she's not dehydrated. If I have to take her back today for the blood tests, that's fine, but I really think we all just have a virus and Roxanne is almost over it. Justin and I are feeling a little better this morning, but we're both really weak and achy. I think I still have a slight fever, too. In any case, we'll be at home again today.

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