Wednesday, October 29, 2008

25 and holding

I'm now officially 25 years old. I had a great birthday on Monday. Justin made some delicious shrimp stir fry and we had some yummy Whole Foods pumpkin pie. Justin gave me an absolutely lovely necklace. It's a silver "R" that is made by hand by a jewelry artist at a boutique in Decatur Square called Vivid. I absolutely love it. The older I get, the less exciting my birthdays get for me, but I have to admit that this one has been nice. And thank you to all the people who sent me cards! I love getting real mail. It's so exciting! My bosses gave me a gift certificate to a hair salon called Grow. I'm so excited! I haven't had a professional haircut in about three and a half years. Even though Justin did a great job in the interim. :)

I got some new jammies for Roxanne, since Gap suckered me with one of those coupons. You know, spend this much money, get this much money off... Tricky. But Roxanne needed pajamas. I got her three pairs and they came today. The jammies are so cute. But of course, we had to get them in size 18-24 month. She's a little chubs. Now I have to find her a winter coat. I'm thinking I'll probably get one in that size. I kept thinking I had some time before she needed one, but it's been so cold! We have to be at work at 8:00, so it's chilly when we get in the car.

Today Roxanne got to play inside the playhouse that Ben's parents got for us to play with in the backyard. She loves it. Her favorite part seems to be playing peekaboo through the windows in the cottage. I want to take some pictures, but I still can't find our camera. I'm starting to think it's really gone this time. Now I have to decide whether or not we can afford to replace it. With my luck, we'll find the camera a week after buying a new one. But I hate missing this stuff. I could keep using our film camera, but buying film, getting it developed, getting the CD of the photos so we have them in electronic format... Yikes.

Jeepers, this is a rambling and scatter-brained post. Can you tell I'm a little sleep deprived? I went to dinner tonight with some girlfriends, and I think I bowled them over with chattering. Adult interaction can be scarce these days and I was a little unstoppable. Especially after a glass of wine. But it was nice. I love my job these days, but sometimes I am desperate to talk about something other than dirty diapers and Cat in the Hat. Although I do love Cat in the Hat.

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J said...

I just tried Evie's coat from last year and it fits! So you may have more flexibility. See? You're not the only one thinking about babies.