Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back from the beach

Sigh. We're home from the beach. It was absolutely wonderful to get away for the weekend, but we are definitely a little sad to be home. It's hard to decide if it's easier to take longer vacations less often or more frequent but shorter vacations. Of course, at this point, we're doing short and less often vacations... But I'm not complaining. We had a great time. The weather on Friday (we got there lat on Thursday night) was a little rough. It was stormy and raining all day. We still enjoyed ourselves, taking things nice and easy. We had breakfast at my favorite restaurant, Dressners. Then we went to the pier in downtown St. Simons and tried to brave the weather to see the view. At that point, it was just sort of sprinkling, but it was very windy. Roxanne got a big kick out of the wind. She was waving her arms around and screaming and laughing. There was a pelican perched on the pier and we enjoyed getting as close to him as possible.

It didn't take long for the weather to overwhelm us, and we headed back to the condo. It was so nice to be staying in a place that is already baby-proofed! Roxanne could crawl around on the floor and stay out of trouble. Later, we went to dinner back in town at Barbara Jean's, and Roxanne ate her first "southern food." She especially liked Justin's mac and cheese. I gave her a dinner roll, and she ate some, but also spent a lot of time shredding it. She loves shredding things these days. Napkins, bread, etc. She also is a HUGE ham. She stares at everyone, and won't stop until they pay attention to her. At every meal we ate, she craned herself around in her high chair to stare at people and get their attention. Sadly, we get lots of "What a handsome boy!" I don't think she minds though. She just likes the attention.

So anyways, we spent most of the day yesterday on the beach. Justin and I were both surprised at how much Roxanne enjoyed herself. She loved digging around in the sand, although she tried to eat it. Actually, she did eat a lot of it. She kept picking up the shovels and buckets and licking them. Justin teamed up to build castles and tunnels. She also really liked the water. It was too chilly to swim, but we walked in the water, and Justin let her dip her hands in it. She really just loved every second of it. I got emotional while I sat in a beach chair and watched Justin and Roxanne playing. It was like a Hallmark commercial, only it was my family instead of actors... I just felt very very happy and fulfilled watching my beautiful family. And I took some photos with our film camera, but I'll have to get the pictures developed. I hope some of them come out. Either way, it was a nice break.

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