Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm very tired, but I feel compelled to post a blog entry. This weekend was really nice, but stressful in some ways, and busy. I'm going through changes at work. Maddie is leaving and there is a new child who I met tonight who will be coming for this week as a trial run. I think it will work out, but I'm just nervous because he's older. He's around 2.5 years old. And I will also have to start getting to work at 8:00, so I'll have 10 hour days, but only Monday through Thursday. He won't be coming on Fridays. So we'll see how it goes. I just like when things are predictable and organized. I know change can end up for the best, but I'm just a little nervous. I was thinking about it all weekend.

On Saturday morning I went to the Atlanta Parent Block Party at the Mercer campus with some friends and their daughter, who is about 17 months old. It was really fun, but a little overwhelming. Roxanne had a good time with the petting zoo, especially the baby piglets. Surprisingly, the petting zoo people were letting everyone pick them up and hold them. It was kind of horrifying because they were screaming so much, but if you snuggled them close on your chest, they were very peaceful. So with Roxanne on my hip, I picked one up on the other side and snuggled it up under my chin where it was really close to her. It was sort of snuffling and squeaking, and Roxanne was mesmerized. She was giggling at it and doing those full body jigs that mean she is excited. Adorable. She also got an orange balloon from the Publix stand, and loved it dearly until she let it go (it was a malfunction with the bow I tied to her stroller). I apologize to the environment at large for letting a balloon go and offer my condolences in advance if any animals were harmed by it.

After that, we went home and had a nap (both of us) and then went to an engagement party for Megan and Zak. It was all the way in Canton, which took about an hour to get to, but it was a really lovely house. It was pretty far in the country and surrounded by horses. It felt like a little oasis. I've known Megan and Zak since we were all in middle school. It's nice to see them together and happy! And Roxanne came with us and hammed it up. Since the party started at 7:00 and we ended up staying until a little after 10:00, I had to take her somewhere dark and private in the front yard around 8:30 and nurse and rock her. It was kind of strange and awkward, but effective. She slept in the baby sling until we left and then slept in the car on the way home. Phew!

Sunday we went to brunch with my grandparents at Agnes and Muriel's. That place is sooooo good, but definitely broke apart my Weight Watchers. Oh well. For the record (and anyone who is interested) I have lost about 7 pounds since starting about four weeks ago, but I bought a pair of jeans in a smaller size than I've worn in a LONG time. So I think I'm changing shape a little as well as slowly losing pounds. But back to Sunday. After brunch we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the Scarecrows. My grandparents ended up getting us a membership for my birthday present, and I am absolutely thrilled. It really is a nice place to go, and it somehow feels like you are not even in the city when you go there. Plus, I figure it will be great next summer when Roxanne is old enough to run around in the fountain and other kid stuff. They are also holding some Christmas events, too. So now we are Zoo members and Garden members. We are moving on up.

OK, now I'm sincerely exhausted. I'm going to watch my requisite Murder, She Wrote episode on Netflix and go to sleep. I can't wait until later this week when I get to watch the Project Runway finale in five parts on YouTube. I wonder how my perception of the designers would change if I saw their clothes on a screen that is bigger than a Pop Tart. Sigh.


christat said...

Is Murder, She Wrote as good as I remember it being back when I watched it as a kid? I've considered revisiting it but I would just be devastated if I realized it wasn't as charming and suspenseful as I thought back in '95.

adriane said...

It's even better because you pick up on so much more. Like the fact that JB Fletcher has a love interest in about a third of the episodes. And some of the cameos... Last night I watched an episode that had Magnum PI in it. It was a two part episode. Higgins totally fell for JB but she wasn't having it. Classic.