Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At least it's settled

We officially didn't get the house. We're hoping to at least get our earnest money back, but we won't know until Friday or so. At least we know we tried as many different things as possible to make it work, but in the end, the only option we had was paying an uncomfortably high interest rate which in turn created an uncomfortably high monthly payment. We aren't interested in making our lives more stressful. So now the big giant decision is whether to go back to renting or try to buy another foreclosure. Neither option is all that appealing right now. Well, I guess I should just say that there are definitely looming downsides to either one. I have to admit that it's comforting to be at home at my mom's house during this process. I feel taken care of and sheltered. We'll be back on our feet soon, and I have to admit that I feel some relief today to at least have a clear answer about the Decatur house.

And if anyone is house hunting, there's a nice place back on the market in North Decatur Heights!

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