Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We're still here :)

Whew, my posts have been awful lately! We have just been very very occupied lately trying to figure things out. We still haven't decided what we are going to do in terms of our housing, but we have been looking at some houses. We're going back out on Saturday morning to see some more, and there is one that we are going to see for a second time. We like the house a lot, but we just aren't totally sure about the area. It's Decatur, but pretty far out, like close to North Dekalb Mall (ick). But it is a really good school district, so that's definitely a plus. We'll see.

So, finally for some Roxanne updates. She is WILD these days. Her verbal skills are really amazing, too. She has started singing some songs pretty well, including "eensy weensy spider," "ABC's" and "Don't Bite Your Friends" from Yo Gabba Gabba. She especially loves that last one. It's hilarious. I'm going to try and video tape her singing it soon. She dances to it, too. I have been AWFUL with the photos lately, since I don't know where most of the parts are, like the charger and the uploader thingy. I think they are packed. I'll find it at some point, I promise. Roxanne is very clear in expressing herself these days, and she can usually tell me what she wants or why she is upset. We are working on asking for things, instead of whining, but we all know how that goes... Usually, it sounds like this:
Roxanne: "mmmmaaaaaammmmmmaaaaaaa" accompanied by arm waving, crying, and thrashing in the general direction of her water cup
Me: "Roxanne, if you want water, then ask for it nicely."
Roxanne: "Water, pheeeeez." now sitting nicely in her seat and looking at me sweetly.

She is very into naming things, especially colors. She holds up different things, like blocks or cars or crayons, and says "yellow block," (etc.) and she's right about 50% of the time. She knows orange and yellow, but the others seem to confuse her a little. She likes to name things in terms of possession, too, so she will put on my shoes and say "mama shoes" or get one of Justin's shirts and say "dada shirt." She knows her own name now, too, and has started saying it more often. Mainly just in terms of things, like her water or her food. It sounds kind of like "reh-zann" when she says her name. She says some sentences, like "open the water peez" when she wants the lid taken off of her sippy cup, or "I'm all done" when she wants to get out of her seat. Of course, she doesn't speak totally clearly, but it's eerily clear. I think she might be a touch ahead of the curve on her language skills, but I think it's from spending so much time with a 3 year old. On days when it's just Ben and Roxanne, our conversations are not nearly as complete or complex. Three year olds like to talk. A lot. A lot a lot.

She's a very cuddly thing these days. She loves snuggling still, and she gives lots of kisses. She likes to say hi to people when they walk in a room, especially Mike, my stepdad, and Leah and my Mom. And me and Justin... When I walk into the room with her, she looks up and says "Hey Mama." So grown up. She absolutely loves staying with Nana, Mike and Leah. When we pull up to the house, she lists out all of their names, even though she is sometimes shy when they first say hi to her. We really feel lucky to be staying here. But we do hope to get things figured out sooner rather than later. We hope to make an offer on a house in the next two weeks, or just go back to renting if we really can't find anything. But we would like to take advantage of all of the buyer incentives in front of us. But holy cow, I have been looking at real estate listings CONSTANTLY lately. My mom has been helping me search, too. It's nice to have a second set of eyes. Looking for foreclosures is really tough.

OK, that's all for now. I'll try and get some pictures and/or video up soon.

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Jim said...

Good luck with the house-hunting!!! Thanks for the great post--and please keep us updated. We love you guys.