Saturday, August 8, 2009

No news for now

We are still exploring our options. Sadly, this includes looking at some rental listings, but hopefully that will not be necessary. We just are running into a lot of problems because of the crazy fees and interest rates that are being offered by the two options we have for right now. There might be a third bank we can consider, but we won't find out until Monday. Hopefully that might work out. But who knows. We thank everyone for their well wishes, and e-mails. Sorry I haven't responded much to e-mails. I don't really have anything nice to say at the moment. Of course, I should say that my mom and Mike and Leah have been very gracious in letting us stay with them, and we can't thank them enough. For the second time in our married lives, we've stayed with my family during a tough spot. We are so lucky. Thanks to Kendree and Jon and Ella and Chloe for their hospitality back when we were newlyweds.

We are doing our best to stay positive. We will keep trying to find a solution that lets us get our house. We love it.

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