Sunday, January 10, 2010


These are photos from our various activities over the Christmas break. We had so much fun... I wish we were independently wealthy and we could just hang out together all the time... :) In nice news, this weekend was very full. I took my GRE on Saturday, and did fairly well. I thought I had BOMBED the math section because I only got like halfway through before I started picking random answers due to my time crunch. But I ended up getting a 630 Verbal and 590 Math. The verbal score puts me in the 90th percentile, and the math puts me in the 48th. I'm not bragging, I just want to feel proud of myself. :) And even better, my friend Sarah had her baby, Rosalie, yesterday at 12:07pm. Baby Rosalie is adorable. Both she and Sarah are doing great. I was lucky enough to visit several times this weekend, although I missed the actual birth because I was taking the GRE. Sigh. In any case, enjoy the photos! And here's one of baby Rosalie (sorry again, I can't flip it).

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