Monday, January 25, 2010


Roxanne officially loves it when we have people over to the house. She is usually shy at first, but then she starts following them around and bringing them her toys, etc. etc. We had some friends over Saturday night, and Roxanne kept bringing all of her best toys out and trying to get involved with our dinner conversation. Like, we were talking about TV shows, and she pipes in: "I watch Super Why today." And when I said "No, you didn't silly!" she glared at me like I had just stomped on her dreams. So I said, "You watched Yo Gabba Gabba today!" and she said "Baby Muno is so cute!" And yes, for all who don't know, Baby Muno is from Yo Gabba Gabba. Another fun Roxanne statement happened today at work... She and Josh were playing with something, and he was not interacting very nicely (which is a nice way of saying that he was being really annoying in a brotherly way) and she swatted at him and yelled "Joshy, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" Um, maybe I shouldn't admit it, but she totally gets that from me. Oops.

And just now, she is playing with "Moon Sand" at the table with Justin. He pushed her chair back from the table to get her out, and she looked down and said, "do you see this mess?" Good grief. I just love listening to what comes out of her mouth. She's hilarious. But I guess I'm biased... Her new favorite thing to play with is Play Doh and moon sand. Both are in theory great for using with molds and cookie cutters, but mainly she just pulls them into little pieces an grips them in her hands. I think she likes the texture. She is also getting into playing pretend more and more. Her and Ben and Josh like to run around pretending to be pirates. They yell "AAARRRGH!" at each other. I don't let them do anything like sword-fight, but Josh does occasionally slip the phrase "scurvy dog!" into things. They sit on pieces of furniture and call them boats. Pretty cute.

Now that we are finally, once and for all, weaned, I want to start on potty training. I'm not sure how it will go, since I tried to let her go diaper free for a while yesterday and she started screaming "I need a diaper! I need a diaper!" as she peed on the floor... She loves to sit on the potty, but I'm not totally sure it has any relation to pottying... I don't want to make it a big deal, so I'm just trying to play it easy, but Justin and I agreed that in the next six months, we'd like to get it done. I think that's a reasonable time frame... But it's clear that pull-ups aren't really going to do the trick. And it's sort of frustrating when your toddler can tell you so many things, but doesn't seem to be able to figure out the potty. I know it's a huge deal for her though, so I'm trying to be patient...

We also recently got her some new books, and one of her favorite is about Skippy John Jones, a Siamese cat who thinks he's a chihuahua. Adorable. She also got a new Toot and Puddle book, and that's a big one, too. That one is about a birthday party. Roxanne seems to really be into birthdays and birthday parties these days. She went to her first Chuck E. Cheez party on Saturday, and she totally loved it. Of course, she got to see all of her family, which is always a highlight. Sarah Ellen and Anna were so cute, and we really had lots of fun. She danced and danced and danced. I think she may even have liked it better than Monkey Joe's. Gasp!

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