Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The chatty-est cathy

Roxanne is now officially a motor mouth. She basically NEVER stops talking. And she has started saying the most ridiculous things. I really didn't know that by 2, Roxanne would already be embarrassing me with some of the things she says. I'm sure I'll learn to let it roll off my back, or learn a polite way of handling it, but for now, I just sort of pretend she didn't say it. That's the problem with her fairly clear pronunciation though... Most of what she says is actually intelligible. Like a couple of weeks ago when we had a plumber out on a Saturday morning... Roxanne pointed at him (and he was rather heavyset) and said, "that's a BIG man." And when my boss's 22 year old nephew stopped by the house on Monday, Roxanne pointed to him and said "that's an OLD man." Sigh. I know that people probably don't get offended, but it could happen. Toddlers are too honest.

At dinner tonight (we had a lovely dinner in Oak Grove, at El Vecino Taqueria, which I highly recommend to parents with little ones, especially since a new cupcake shop opened next door...yum) Roxanne was playing with an empty salsa bowl and kept telling Justin that she took his bowl, then that she took his *insert random word here* until finally settling on "diarrhea." Lovely. I guess because it got the biggest reaction, she decided to say it about fifty times. Loudly. And then later at dinner she randomly pipes in with "we don't eat boogers" which is sadly something that I end up saying MULTIPLE times a day at work. When Justin said the usual "let's get off the subject fast" response of "no, we don't," she wouldn't let it go. Instead, she started saying, "you eat boogers, Daddy. You have boogers in your mouth." Honestly, I didn't know that she knew the word "diarrhea" or that it was something icky and worthy of making people uncomfortable, and I certainly didn't know that she was old enough to taunt Justin with these types of insults. Whew! What will she be like at 4? Or 14? Yowsa.

In nicer Roxanne news, she has really started getting better with tantrums and whining. They still happen, but they are definitely vastly improved. She has started asking me to call people so she can talk to them on the phone, and she has prolonged conversations about different parts of her day. So she might mention "Joshy pushed me today," even though it happened last week, or "we blew bubbles and went to the library," which might have happened on Sesame Street, but not actually to her. Sometimes she starts stories with "once upon a time," but more often, she makes it seem like these things happened. And that she really did do these things "today." Then I feel like I need to get on the phone after her and explain that she didn't really mean it, and that we didn't really go to the library and blow bubbles today. Because, I just want to keep the record straight.

Oh, and we had our first HGTV filming experience yesterday. Interviews, before shots, and the big design reveal! It was very exciting, and we LOVE the design plan, which is perfectly to our taste. I can't tell you much more than that because we literally only saw it for like two minutes. And regardless of what it seems like on the show, they really do show it to you for the first time on camera. So our surprise is genuine. It was really a great experience, and all of the production staff was really really nice. We felt so comfortable! And part of the shooting was done at a playground, since they decided last minute (as in Monday) that they wanted to include some footage of us playing with Roxanne at a local park. My mom was kind enough to watch Roxanne for us during shooting, so she met us at the park and we played with Roxanne for a while. She was pretty charming, although for one version of the design reveal, she was standing behind me trying to climb part of the playground that she is NOT big enough for and saying "help me mama! help me mama! help me mama!" about fifty times. I wasn't sure what to do, but she wasn't actually in any danger or anything, she just wanted me to give her a boost, so I ignored her. Hopefully no one at HGTV thinks I'm now a negligent mom. When exactly do kids learn patience? At least it's reality. Warts and all. :)

We hope everyone is well and enjoying this beautiful weather! Roxanne has her first sunburned cheeks of the season. And so it begins.

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