Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photos all taken in Roxanne's room

Here's a photo of the ridiculous way Roxanne was napping the other day. She had her feet stretched out on top of the pillow when I first went in, but she started pulling them up as she woke. So I was a little late, but you get the idea...

Roxanne sleeping with her new "big girl" bed blankets. I bought toddler bedding at Target that matches the wall decals she has. It's super cute, and it helps her stay asleep at night because she's not constantly kicking off her blankets. It's so cute to see her with a top sheet and comforter... And the set, which was top and bottom sheets, pillowcase, and comforter was on sale for $22! I'll pay that much if it puts an end to the midnight demands of "put my blanket on!"

Here's a blurry "action shot" of Roxanne jumping in her new "big girl bed." I put the rail down to where it's low enough for her to climb in and out of, since she's been hiking a leg up like she's going to climb out. The way her crib is made, it's extremely stuck in this position, and we don't have to buy an $80 toddler bed railing attachment (lame). We spent half the weekend last weekend trying to figure out what to do about her bed. We even looked at some twin beds at IKEA, but the cost would be so big, we just decided to make this work for now.
Again, if you could have audio with this photo it would be something like "I will sleep in my big girl bed all night! I love my big girl bed. Look at the hedge hogs!" She definitely likes these blankets.

This was a moment I'm always trying to catch but usually don't. Roxanne likes to sit in her glider by herself and read books sometimes. When the lighting is right, she really looks like a little angel sitting there. It's so cute. And peaceful. She's such a lovely, wild, many-sided thing.


Jim said...

Yes she is! And those are GREAT pictures. She seems to be getting skinny, too.

Susan said...

Love this post. Great pix, and I just can't wait to talk, play and snuggle with that little munchkin!