Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today Today Today

Roxanne has developed a very silly speech pattern. She likes to make a statement about something that happened to her, and then tack on "today" at the end. Even if said happening happened three weeks ago. The most common one is her talking about a run-in she had at Leapin' Lizards a few weeks ago: "A boy pushed me at Leapin' Lizards today. And a boy make me feel better at Leapin' Lizards today." It's pretty hard to correct her on it, so we usually just say "I think that happened a while ago." She also points to a spot on her hand where BooBoo scratched her like a month ago, and there is NO mark left whatsoever, and says "BooBoo scratched me today." Sigh. In other areas of speech, she is sounding more like a kid than a toddler. This morning, when she got up, I brought her back to our bed to snuggle for a few minutes, and after about five minutes, she said "I'm bored. I'm going to play in my playroom." I honestly did not know she knew the word "bored." Little sponges.
Roxanne is also getting into playing dress up. She loves to put on her tutu and then asks Justin to put music on the iPod. She says she is either a ballerina or a princess. She has seen a couple of episodes of Angelina Ballerina, and I think she LOVES it. Not like Yo Gabba Gabba loves it, but she loves it. So sometimes when she is dancing, she says she is a ballerina like Angelina. I think it's good for her to get some girly things in. She spends most of her time during the week with race cars, soccer balls, baseball bats, rough and tumble "wrestling" and just general boy-stuff. We have to keep the princess side going, too.
We've been very busy on the weekends lately, which is nice, but we keep hoping to have some down time. Tomorrow we are helping my friend Sarah move, but today, I'm hoping we can spend some time around the house. Not necessarily doing work, but just hanging out. Although, there is LOTS of work to be done... Isn't there always? The basement needs to be tackled in a serious way, especially since it's turning into a giant doggy bathroom. We're still struggling with Katie, but things are slightly better only because I installed a kick plate on the door she chewed through so she can stay in that one room during the day again. Poor Katie. I wish she liked being in a crate. It would make life so much easier...
I still don't have any news about my graduate school application. But on the upside, it looks like things are settling down a little at Georgia State, so we're *knock on wood* fairly confident that Justin's job is fine. He'll probably have some extra furlough days, etc., but probably still a job. It's so depressing thinking about how much Georgia schools (at all levels) are suffering right now. Here's hoping the economy picks up soon...

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