Thursday, July 22, 2010

Roxanne's photography skills

Here's a collection of Roxanne's photographs. She LOVES taking pictures. I think we should get her one of those toddler digital cameras for her birthday. They seem rough and ready for drops and spills. Some of these are from home, others from her friend Evie's birthday party.

Her portrait of the birthday girl.
With the help of sunlight, Roxanne actually caught a real picture. And who doesn't love the pictures of someone else taking a picture?? Classic.
This red light was coming off the camera. I have no idea how she managed to catch this, but it's cute.
This is such a cute angle. She sometimes forgets that she has to turn the camera away from her, hence all of the close up self portraits.
Right after throwing a fit and being rewarded by getting the camera. Mom of the Year. That's me. See those crocodile tears???
I love her little shadow, and her toe. This was at the party
Again, at Evie's party. She always tells me she loves her red sandals.
This is me and Justin. There's something kind of adorable about this "portrait" of us. Like, this is from Roxanne's viewpoint... If you were to pan up, we were smiling nicely and saying cheese for her, but this was the result. Awesome. Oh, it was also taken at Evie's party.

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