Monday, July 12, 2010

Seriously bad blogging

Sorry. I need to get back in line with my blogging! Remember those days when I blogged sometimes MORE THAN ONCE IN A DAY??? I'm working on it. Seriously.

In family news, Roxanne is really basically becoming a kid. No more baby. She's so precocious, and says and does things on an hourly basis that kind of blow my mind. Like the other night at dinner where she asked Justin if he knew about the oil spill. "It's on the beach." she said while nodding earnestly. I guess maybe I need to cool it on the NPR. She is becoming very girly now, too. She wants to paint her finger and toe nails all the time, and she LOVES wearing dresses. As soon as she puts it on, she announces: "I'm a pretty princess." Is this kind of thing instinctual??? She also has been increasingly interested in putting toys/babies/balled up pieces of paper, etc. "to bed" and calling them little babies or kittens. She is obsessed with snuggling things in blankets and giving them pillows.

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