Monday, September 29, 2008

A few of my favorite things

I just have to list some of my favorite things about Roxanne right now. As cheesy as it sounds, she's changing every day, and I don't want to lose track of any of it. So here goes. And I'm just warning you, some of this will probably be offensively sentimental.

*Her weird little Woody Woodpecker giggle. It's recently become a very common sound that she makes, and it's just one of those sounds that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. She used to make it at random times, especially when she was concentrating really hard on something, but now she does it as laughter. Serious laughter.
*Her squawks. She does these throughout the day. They make me think of that Whitman poem, when he talks about sounding his "barbaric yawp" off the rooftops. Roxanne has a lovely "barbaric yawp." In fact, she sort of embodies "Song of Myself." She feels such fierce and undiluted happiness when she's playing. If you really think about how unfettered her little baby mind is, it could move you to tears to watch her chew on a book.
*Her round little tummy. It's really getting to be a Buddha belly, and it's delicious to watch her pat it. I love to blow on it while I change her and see her tense up and laugh. She's also ticklish on her neck. That's a fun spot to snuffle in and she just howls with glee. Adorable.
*Her newfound skills in mobility. She is such a good and sturdy little thing. Sometimes during the day she sees Ben coming towards her with a toy, and she squints her eyes closed and braces herself. So even if he knocks her over she just readjusts and keeps busy. But now she can get back up and follow him if he has something she is interested in. She might end up a bully if we're not careful.
*Her face when I brush her hair in the glider during our nighttime routine. I usually do it when I'm singing to her, and she gets so still and wide-eyed, looking up at me with this funny face, trying to stay awake but so relaxed and sleepy. After a minute or two, she reaches up for the brush and tries to get it into her mouth, but while I'm still able to brush her hair, it's such a nice serene moment. Her hair is very very blond, almost gold, and it gets shiny and silky when you brush it.
*Her snorting. She scrunches her face up and does this airy snorty laugh when she's really excited. It usually also includes Tigger-like bouncing. Sometimes hand and arm waving, too. It's a full-body reaction.
*The way she vocalizes when she's eating something really yummy. Sometimes I give her frozen whole wheat mini bagels to chew on, and she absolutely loves it. While she gnaws on it, she goes "Mmmmaaaammmaaaammmmm aaaaammmmmm..." You get the idea.

OK, that's enough for now. Too much more and I'll start getting choked up. But I needed to get some of that out of my system.


Susan said...

Oh my, what a cutie pie she is and what a sweet mommy you are. Mimi/Susan

kramsell said...

Ohhh, that is the sweetest post! You will be so glad that you have recorded all of these adorable things. You think you'll never forget, but I certainly have to be reminded by looking back at scrapbooks, or watching video of the girls when they were Roxanne's age. I've started a word document with just my blog text in it. That way at worst, I'll be able to print out a hard-copy without pictures some day in the future.

Jim said...

Oh, my. That made me cry. Really.