Sunday, September 21, 2008


We're sick. The whole house. We're not dying or anything, but we've all got the sniffles and scratchy throats and body aches and general ickyness. Hopefully it will wrap up soon. I'm sure it will. Even though it stinks to get sick, I'm definitely relieved to report that this is the first time since I started my new job that we've been sick. Before, Roxanne pretty much had a permanent runny nose and we were all getting sick every week or two. Just another reason that I love my new job.

Roxanne has been extra fussy lately, but only because of her little runny nose. And she still goes through lots of parts of the day where she is happy and happier and bouces all over the place. She crawled a few more times today, but only a few steps at a time. She was going for her Rhino, which is the toy we chose to keep in her crib. But don't worry, we put it up against her leg in the crib so that she feels a warm body near her, and we're very careful to keep it away from her face. It was a recommendation in the sleep book I got. I was just reading about how babies at her age start latching onto specific toys and lovies, and Roxanne is definitely doing that these days. Specifically, she loves the rhino (it's a Sandra Boynton rhino, and it's really soft and snuggly. She is obssessed with her orange and yellow squeaky starfish bath toy. She carries it around after her bath and we can't get it from her until she falls asleep. I tried to take it from her the other night by handing her a stuffed animal, and instead she ended up keeping both. She's really getting into her demanding phase, where she pitches a fit when she can't get something, but only when she's really sleepy. Otherwise she just sort of growls. She loves plastic water bottles more than anything else. That's usually what sets her off. She can't stand it when we have a water bottle and don't give it to her. Who needs toys?

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