Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Look Out World...

Roxanne took her first real crawling "steps" today! She took about two or three little crawling steps towards me today right after lunch. She was concentrating so hard, and when she finally gave up and slid onto her belly, I clapped and cheered, and sat her back on her bottom. She did it again, and I cheered again when she gave up. So then she started crawling for one step, then sitting back up onto her booty (another new skill she learned today, going from flat on her belly to her booty) and clapping. She did that a few times, too. Sort of defeated the purpose, but that's OK. It was cute. I think maybe she was just waiting for today, since it's her Nana's birthday today, so now I will always be able to remember what day she crawled for the first time. Also, her nine month birthday is Friday, so she probably wanted to make sure she started crawling at eight months instead of nine.

Sadly, when I got home, I tried to get Roxanne to show her Daddy her new skills, but she pretty much just kept flopping onto her tummy. We think maybe it's easier for her to crawl at Ben's house because they have this rough rug that she plays on, and maybe the traction helped her. Or she's just exhausted from all of her efforts today. She had watermelon for breakfast, and it was her first time trying it, so maybe it gave her extra strength. Actually, she had broccoli for lunch, and that was her first time with that, too. Either way, we are proud parents tonight.

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