Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin!

Today is Justin's birthday! I won't reveal how old he is just in case he minds. He had the day off of work, since he doesn't actually go back until January. Unfortunately, he spent the day with the sick baby while I was at work. He swears that he enjoyed his birthday, but I know that Roxanne can be a little tough when she doesn't feel well. We were planning to go out for a date yesterday to celebrate Justin's birthday, but Roxanne's illness pretty much ruled that out. Not only would it be kind of mean to expose our friend/babysitter to her germs, but it seems unfair to Roxanne. I promised Justin that we would do something fun for his birthday once she gets a little better. We've been talking about trying to see a movie... It's been a while.

We were at my Dad and Colleen's farm on Saturday evening, and she got progressively worse while we were there. When we left on Sunday, we were still hoping we could go out for our date, but we went to some last minute shopping at Lenox after we got back from the farm, and Roxanne was miserable. She had been napping all morning, so we thought she'd be OK, and I put her in the baby sling rather than the stroller so that she could be close to me and just sort of snuggle me as we shopped. Absolutely not. She was overstimulated and squirmy, and after about half an hour she started to melt down. I nursed her in the bathroom at Bloomingdale's, and about five minutes afterwards, she threw up on me. Aaah, the joys of mothering. It definitely made me feel like a jerk for dragging her out when she clearly didn't feel good, and it also made me realize that she was definitely sick, and it was more than a runny nose from teething.

She still feels pretty terrible, and so she's not up for doing much other than whining and being held. Last night I was up with her for about three hours trying to get her comfortable and back to sleep, but by 3:00am I was starting to lose compassion and just getting frustrated. She would only sleep while I was sitting up since her congestion is so bad. Fortunately, she settled down not too long after I was getting to be a basket case, and being the excellent parent that I am, I partially achieved this state of calm by playing an episode of Murder, She Wrote on my lap top and letting her watch it. Please don't call DFACS on me. We've been giving her baby Motrin at least a couple of times a day, since she feels like she's been running a low-grade fever. It's definitely one of the worst colds we've seen her get. I don't know where it came from, since neither Ben nor Josh have anything. We think she might have picked it up at her birthday party, but who knows. She is pretty notorious for licking foreign objects like shopping carts, etc. I have one of those high chair/shopping cart covers but it's not big enough and basically just causes more trouble because I'm constantly trying to get it to cover whatever exposed area of the chair/cart that Roxanne is trying to bite or lick. I've seen some HUGE ones that look like they would be more effective, but I'm hoping she'll be getting out of the licking phase in the next few months. I mean, I'm sure she'll still put things in her mouth until she is at least two, but not EVERYTHING.

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