Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stone Mountain Christmas

We went to Stone Mountain this weekend for a family trip courtesy of my wonderful grandparents. We had a really nice time, and Roxanne (as always) had lots of fun with her cousins, and second cousins. It was really cold on Saturday night as we walked around checking out all of the things going on in Stone Mountain's Christmas Village, so I was a little worried about Roxanne. When we rode the train, I put her in the sling and bundled her up in a blanket that Nana and Mike and Leah were nice enough to bring and let me use. She ended up falling asleep and stayed asleep in there until we left. She missed the parade, but I'm sure she'll enjoy it more next year. I put her in a Christmas sweater that my Grandma made for me when I was little. There is a bigger one that used to be my sister's. I told Justin that we had to have a second baby just so that we could utilize the sweaters. He wasn't all that amused. But doesn't she look cute? You can see in the photo how cute she looks with her Nana. Don't they look festive? I'm really excited about Christmas this year. It's like I get to relive the excitement I felt as a child all over again with Roxanne. The magic of Santa!!

I can't believe Roxanne is going to be a year old so soon! She seems to be cutting a few teeth right now, and she's a drool machine and everything is going into her mouth. She's doing this new thing where she bites down really hard on something and clenches with her whole body. Her shoulders rise, her fists clench and she shakes all over just a little. Her face is the icing on the cake though. She looks so serious! I hope the teeth come through quickly, since teething really messes her sleep up. She got a special treat last night sleeping with me and Justin in the giant hotel bed. When she woke up this morning, she immediately crawled over and started slapping Justin and trying to crawl on him. The crib that the hotel gave us was great, but it was iron, and Roxanne wouldn't stop licking it. So she got to stay in the big bed. I'm going to try and start night weaning Roxanne this week, but I'm already afraid. She's a very stubborn baby! The lactation consultant I talked to at Piedmont told me I should try offering her water when she wakes to nurse at night. I'm going to try that. Keep your fingers crossed for me! If the night weaning works out, I hope she will start sleeping in longer stretches, too. I spend a lot of time on the forums of my favorite breastfeeding moms website, and so many of the moms talk about sleep woes. It's scary since some of them are talking about their babies still waking up several times a night at ages 2 and 3. Ugh... That will not be us! Hopefully...

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J said...

I LOVE Roxanne's sweater set!