Monday, December 1, 2008

Standing and more standing

So, our entire long weekend was a whirlwind of visiting, but it was all wonderful. I won't get into all of the trips, but we spent Thanksgiving at my Mom's house with my sister and her family (my stepdad and Leah were in Orlando for her soccer). It was really fun, and as always, Roxanne really had fun with her cousins. Friday we went back to my mom's and I actually got to do a little shopping with my mom and sister and nieces. It was so perfect because we went to a Target near my mom's house and it was really empty. They had these awesome carts that had two big kid seats and then the basket in the cart, so Roxanne could sit and face her cousins. Of course, she got squirmy fast and I ended up pulling her out after a while, but it was cute while it lasted. My mom and my sister braved the Black Friday crowds and went shopping around 6:00am on Friday morning. My mom got Roxanne a fantastic walker at Wal-Mart and it was really cheap since it was a "doorbuster" deal. Roxanne has been obsessed with it. She played with it at my mom's house on Friday, and then we went to my Dad and Colleen's farm on Friday night, and stayed through Sunday morning, and she loved it there, too. That was awesome since it's a huge house with hardwoods, and Roxanne was tearing it up. Back at home she's playing with it a lot, but it makes our living room seem tiny! It only takes her a few seconds to get from one end of the room to the other. Earlier this evening she crashed it into Katie's bottom and got a big kick out of that.

I swear the walker is really helping her. It is one of those walkers that is shaped like lawn mower and it will convert to a wagon when she's done using it as a walker. There are toys on the front of it, so sometimes she pushes it sideways so she can play and walk at the same time. But just in the past few days, she has been able to stand unassisted for longer and longer periods. Today she stood all by herself for almost 30 seconds or so while holding a small toy. Then this afternoon she stood by herself for a while as she clapped to some music we were listening to (thank you Michael Jackson). We have been trying to let her walk as much as possible as we hold her hands, so she's getting a lot of practice. Of course, my lower back hates me, but whatever. I'm secretly hoping she will start walking by her birthday, but we'll see.

On Sunday we went to brunch at Highland Bakery with Justin's Dad and Susan and Roxanne had a big time playing with them. It was her third (and last) time visiting with them for their trip back, and she's really enjoyed it. While we were there I was looking at the cake/cupcake/cookie portfolio and fantasizing about getting Roxanne some fancy stuff for her birthday party from them. Their baked goods are delcious and AMAZINGLY cute. Look at their portfolio and tell my you aren't impressed. But I'm not even going to bother pricing it I think, because I assume it would be very expensive. Maybe next year! But wouldn't a Where the Wild Things Are cake be adorable? Sigh.

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