Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Temper...

We just got home from Lenox. Whew! I have to tell you all though, there is a fabulous sale at Baby Gap right now. If you spend $75, you get 30% your entire purchase. Good deal! We got most of our shopping done tonight, but Roxanne was really having a meltdown by the time we left. Poor girl. We shouldn't push her past her limit, but it's so easy to let that happen! She has learned a new trick of stiffening her entire body while you are holding her or when you first put her in the car seat, and it's kind of like trying to hold down an eel or feral cat. She's a stinker.

Today Roxanne started using the "bah" sound to refer to the various balls in the playroom at work. Her and Ben were both doing it and we were rolling several balls around the floor simultaneously. It was positively dizzying, but lots of fun. She is also inconsistently blowing kisses. Usually she won't do it when we are on our way out the door, but once we are out of sight of anyone else, she blows a few. Go figure. She is also officially giving kisses. It's very very cute. She comes at you (sometimes with an open mouth and sometimes closed) and makes the "mmmm" sound that I always make when I kiss her (you know, mmmwwhhaaa!). Her and Ben kiss each other a lot. Sometimes on the mouth and other times just on the forehead or arm or tummy, etc. They are quite a pair.

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