Wednesday, March 25, 2009

15 month check-up

Roxanne went to the doctor on Tuesday morning for her 15 month check up! Justin took her, as he has done for the past few appointments. I have to admit that I feel a little left out on that front, but I appreciate him taking her. I feel awkward having to be late to work since it would inconvenience people. I remember how tough it was when our day care provider had to be out. But anyways, it sounds like everything went great! The doctor said that Roxanne looks very healthy. She is 25.2 pounds, which puts her in the 80/85% for weight, and she is in the 95% for her height, which is 32.5 inches. She's a big girl. Although her head size, 18 1/4 inch, puts her in the 50%. What does that mean?

We were worried about a few different issues, but Justin was able to get reassurance that none of them were a problem. One of the main ones for me was her teeth. She has some staining on them, even though we brush her teeth at least once a day (I know, we should do them twice, but she is only 15 months old...). The pediatrician said they were still well within the normal range, but that if she keeps putting up a fight about letting us really brush her teeth well (which is a nice way of saying that she turns into a wild monster when we try to brush her teeth, although she loves to hold the toothbrush herself and poke us with it or chew on it) we should take her to the dentist.

Her sleep is getting better. She's now sleeping in her crib all night long, but still waking two to three times. I've been nursing her once a night, which is a good reduction from what it was (half night open bar) but I've been looking at Dr. Jay Gordon's method for night-weaning, and following it would mean that for the next three nights; no nursing after 11:00pm. I like his method. I'm going to try and stick to it. If you look at it, we've already made it through the first set of steps. We had a rough few nights getting Roxanne to stay in her bed, but she is really getting better. I've been feeling much more rested because the sleep I get between her wakings is much better, deeper sleep. Mainly because there isn't a little monkey kicking me and elbowing me all night.

The other big issue is Roxanne's poop habits. I know, I shouldn't talk about this on my blog, but I just have to. It's been an issue for months now, so I might as well put it on here so she can read about it some day. I apologize, big girl Roxanne. I'm sure by the time you read this, you'll be pooping like a champ. But for now, Roxanne is being AWFUL with her poop. She simply will not go. We've been giving her Miralax at the advice of our pediatrician, but so far, it's basically only serving to make her have more instances of holding it. That's the frustrating thing. Several times a day, I see her stiffen up her legs (I mean like STIFF, with locked knees), turn red with grunting and even breaking into a cold sweat. No matter what I try, she just holds it. We've been resorting to suppositories about once a week just so that she doesn't make herself sick but the doctor told Justin that we really need to try to avoid them, since they are adding to the "poo trauma." Never in my life did I think I would be writing on a blog read by members of the general public about "poo trauma." But, it is a big part of my life right now. Jealous? In any case, we are increasing the dose of the Miralax a little and hoping that helps move things along. Poor Roxanne. And poor blog readers. I hope that wasn't too awful.

The photos above are from my sister. They were taken at Bulloch Hall. You can see Roxanne's new shoes in one of the photos. It took me a very very very long time to find some that fit her. Just ask my mom and Justin who respectively looked at like fifty stores with me. Roxanne has what Justin calls "Berenstein Bears" feet. Basically, her feet are fat. And wide. These shoes are like Crocs, but they are actually made by Stride Rite and have a cute little floral pattern in the holes, and I think the bright pink is cute. I found them at Ross, so don't worry. Did you guys know that Stride Rite brand shoes at the store are like $45?? These were $8. Quite a bargain. And they are made for Berenstein Bears feet.

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Jim said...

I loved your blog entry. As Susan will confirm, I managed to work at least one poop reference into the dinner table conversation every night. This is the primary reason Justin is such a normal, well-adjusted guy.