Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weebles weebles weebles

Yes, it's 10:30 on a Saturday night and I'm blogging. I admit it. But I'm currently an NCAA widow. I'm sure some of you understand. *Ahem, Susan, this is your chance to complain about Jim* I don't really mind. I have been spending time knitting and playing on the internet upstairs while hearing intermittent yells coming from the living room. As long as he doesn't wake the baby...

So, I let almost a week go by without making a post. How does that happen? Now I'll do yet another long and rambling post and lose half of you readers halfway through. Nothing too exciting, but I am happy to announce that we have been making some sleep progress. The last two nights, Roxanne has stayed in her own bed until early morning. Of course, I've had to go into her room several times a night, but it's actually a huge step that she has been able to go for a couple of hours on her own in there during the second part of the night. I have to admit that Justin and I have not been letting her "cry it out" like we were going to try. We have been pulling her out of her crib and rocking her and giving her something to drink and getting her to calm down before putting her back in the crib. But the good news is that she will go back in her crib while she's awake and drift off to sleep on her own. This has only been happening in the last week or so, so I think that she is on the path to sleeping through the night. It has taken a LONG time, but I'm OK with it. We've learned a lot. And the best part is that she likes her crib now. She doesn't fuss when you put her in there like she used to. That was always my biggest fear with the "cry it out" method. It looks like a little nest, since I put the bumpers back in. She has several stuffed animals, a blanket, a TRANSFORMERS pillow (well, it's a regular pillow but the pillow case is Justin's childhood pillow compliments the mellow green Amy Coe nursery set I so carefully picked out when I was pregnant...) and baby. She HATES to be covered with a blanket. But she will tolerate it being in her bed.

Today we went to Roswell for breakfast with my sister and my darling nieces, my mom, and my grandparents. Justin got to stay home (sorry Justin) and have some "man" time. We went to a consignment sale, and I got the BEST toy for Roxanne. I really struggled with buying it, since it was the most expensive thing I've ever bought at a consignment sale, but I finally gave into my instinct and got it. It's a Weebles tree house, and it came with 3 chairs, 3 beds, and a little table, as well as seven Weebles, and a Weebles van, which plays music, has head lights and seats three Weebles. It was $19. It's in great shape, and is absolutely adorable. My mom and I were thinking that Weebles were getting really hard to find, and when I got home and did some research on Amazon and eBay, I realized that they have been retired. So they really are hard to find. I also found out that they have been around since the seventies, although the look has changed quite a bit. My mom and I sat on the phone and looked at listings on eBay for an embarrassingly long time. The consensus is that I got a great deal, and after cleaning them up, Roxanne had a great time playing with them. The treehouse is technically supposed to be for Goldilocks and the Three Bears, although only one of the seven Weebles included is from that set, so it has a feature where you can push the chimney down, and the bed tilts and dumps the Weeble down a slide and onto a spinning circle where it will fly off. Roxanne thinks it's hilarious. And of course she loves the van. She drove it around the floor for quite a while. So no Baby Stella for a while, but the Weebles are adorable and were a really fun find.

We had a great time walking around Roswell with my Mom, Kendree and the girls. We walked over to Bulloch Hall and played in the garden there for a while. Roxanne is thoroughly infatuated with Ella and Chloe. She watches them very closely and tried some copy-catting. I wish she could see them more. We're selfishly glad that they are moving back to Georgia. Hopefully they can all spend more time together. Oh, and we got lots of clothes for Roxanne that are hand-me-downs from Ella and Chloe, and they are all fantastic. Between those and what I've already picked up at consignment (and Nana), I don't think Roxanne will need another stitch of clothing until she's 3. Fantastic! My favorite is a purple jersey poncho from Baby Gap. I put it on Roxanne and she loved it. She was waving her arms around and being silly and didn't want to take it off before dinner. She looks like a little hippy. Very wise and earthy.

Tomorrow we have to head back up to Athens to run an errand. Hopefully the weather will be a little nicer this trip. Last weekend was pretty icky.

That's it. I'm out of steam. Duke won. All is well.

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