Monday, March 2, 2009

Some smarty pants baby tricks

I am trying to knit like a mad woman, but I just have to share some of Roxanne's favorite new tricks:

*She has learned what keys are for. If she can fish mine out of the diaper bag, she walks over to the lock on the door and acts like she is putting a key in the lock. She also does this with her toy keys, which is especially impressive because I have never shown her that. Somehow she knew that the toy keys were the same thing as the real keys. I guess she understands the words...?
*She really is into singing. She has started making longer sounds (still in gibberish) when I sing a song. It's different than her "talking." I sing a lot during the day, since I find it is a good distraction for myself when I start to get stressed out or annoyed (which happens kind of often when you are keeping up with three kids and have little to no adult interaction) and because the little ones love it. Her favorite songs to "sing" along with are "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Hush, Little Baby." She has also learned to do the "roll" hand motion for "Patty Cake" and that "There were five in the bed and the little one said, 'Roll Over, Roll Over,'" song. You know. That one. :)
*She is regularly imitating words now. Just in the last week or so she has started saying "hot," and "ouch," and both of these words are getting a lot of mileage. She likes to say "no, no, no, no" a lot, but sometimes she means "no," and sometimes she means "nose." The only way to tell the difference is that sometimes she has one of her chubby little fingers up her nostril and is in fact pointing out her nose. The other times she is usually chasing Ben and a toy that she wants.
*She has been showing a special preference for two different types of toys lately. One is the pull toy. She has several at home, including a super cute wooden cowboy (thanks Evie!), a puppy dog (thanks Nana!) and a chatter phone (thanks Grandma Dawn and Crapaw!). At Ben's, he has the same puppy, and she just absolutely loves "walking" him around the play room. But she is very protective, and of course since she is pulling him by a string and he is making neat little barking sounds, he is wide open for baby thievery. Some days I hide the puppy for my own sanity. Some days it's like baby wrestling federation in there. The other type of toy she has been particularly attracted to lately is the toy car. She knows to make a sound and push them around on the floor. It's adorable. Of course, she also loves any kind of plush stuffed animal these days, and we have various ones spread around the house. In the car is her sock monkey (from Aunt Kaitlin) and Cookie Monster, Bert and Elmo get cycled around in the diaper bag. Some days she holds the sock monkey, Bert and Cookie Monster in the car. It's adorable. She is also in love with refrigerator magnet toys. But I digress.
*Foodwise, she is getting very very picky. If it were up to her, she would probably eat nothing but lasagna for 3 meals a day. She's falling out of love with vegetables of any kind, although she still tolerates peas and broccoli on occasion. But she doesn't eat much... Fortunately, she still loves fruit, so I'm trying to compensate a little. I guess it's partly since she is still breastfeeding, but she just doesn't eat very much at meals.

OK, that's all I've got for now. I'll try to upload new photos tomorrow night. I'm totally wiped out. Since Atlanta Public Schools were closed today, I ended up with four kids at work, since Josh's brother couldn't go to kindergarten. Whew! It was a busy day.

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